MW2 Resurgence Map Pack PS3: Patch fixes problems

By Peter Chubb - Jul 6, 2010

We reported earlier that Infinity Ward was to release MW2 Resurgence Map Pack for the PS3, we have also learned that the developer has quietly released v1.11 patch to solve problems associated with these new map packs. However, we have yet to learn what the update fixes.

Dardin Kay from E4G reports that the patch has a file size of 16MB, but that’s all the information that is available at this time. I have tried doing some homework for myself, but there is no other mention of a patch for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

We cannot see E4G making something up like this – we just wonder why no one else is reporting this news? Not to say that a patch would not be needed, we all know the issues that surround a new map pack – maybe Infinity Ward is just trying to stay ahead of the game.

Have you noticed a v1.11 patch for MW2? If so then please let us know any changes you might have noticed.

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    i think the new patch is for gamesharing.because when i try to download the resurgence maps and install them,they dont show up.and i already have the stimulus maps…so idk =/ just really sucks

  • Kenny

    The v1.11 patch takes forever to download and personally I think it’s a piece of crap

  • Puro

    not sure if it is only me (or my system) but after installing the new 1.11 patch, the game lags every 3-4 seconds in single player, spec ops and even in the main menu. And I can't connect to the server any more. The game stucks on message "connecting to matchmaking server". After deinstalling the game (Game->Game Data Utility) and when skipping the installation of 1.11 patch, the game behaves normally again (obviously I can't connect to server with old version) a there are no lags. Anyone seeing this problem or having any idea?

  • daveabbott

    i downloaded the new maps pack a few weeks ago, had a major system update yesterday (first time on for a while) and now my whole package has gone, down loaded the correct pack for my disc type, no good. down loaded all, still no good. i cant play the new maps at my request but sometime when im play in blah blah blah mode it puts me in on one of the new maps????
    please help!!,..

  • david

    ive tried dowloading the new map packs n i keep gettin an error when its tryin to install it

  • Lukum58

    I have a problem! I’ve been playing for 2 days and still yet I have not seen one new map from the new map pack.I downloaded it for a reason.I can play resurgence maps by selecting that only but regular team deathmatch not one map comes up.infinity ward f’d up……yet again

    • sweat-lip

      it takes a week each update to filter into the normal playlists.u just have to play resurgence for the first week

  • Billy Ballard

    I downloaded stimulus and resurgence but i wanted 2 play stimulus for a bit but it was gone. so how do i play stimulus now?

    • just go into team deathmatch or whatever, and just keep leaving and joining until you get a stimulus map.

  • Kyle

    i downloaded the resurgence map pack but all i got was the two barebones the bottom of the playlist options resurgence and hardcore resurgence is still grayed out as if i never bought it..can anyone say why?

  • sweat-lip

    no more mosh pit is a the moet user friendly playlist for parties who cant decide on a playmode.and whats the point of getting rid of the only all map mix playlist and leave tdm express?we loose a whole different playlist so people save 45 seconds inbetween matches?very bad call

  • Ayrton

    my update had an error & i can't play mw2, i downloaded the new maps to see if it would help, all it did was let me try to update the game again & an error occurred once again, idk what to do, i can't play it

  • xtina


  • lee

    after i down load it will not let me plat the game only the play station store sign is where the cd to play should be can you help?

  • john

    yeah it patched a glitch on carnival:(

  • Lance

    The new patch changed the que's for online gaming around. I miss the stim pack already:(

  • Longey

    i have tried downloading the map pack but it takes 3 hours in the downloading screen it says 1% pending plz help

    • just turn off your ps3, turn it back on and don't play a game online as your internet may be slow. just wait and it will download.

  • Steevo11

    I downloaded the maps no problem, but get an error message "an error occurred" when trying to install them? anyone know how to fix this?

  • neilt

    i bought the new maps do i need to download all seven for it to work? or should i not have seven packs?

  • tattooed-psycho-

    i would submise the patch was to fix some of the many glitches that are in the map pack and as i also have had the map pack on the 360 for the past month let me tell you there are a lot to fix and i think a 16 mb patch aint going to fix them all but here is hoping 😉

  • Michael

    downloaded the maps last night installed them but still not showing up as playable on the game screen any one else had this?

    • ikbenjeffrey

      I'm having the same problems have you found a solution yet ??

    • Kyle

      i have the exact same problem..all i got was the new Barebones playlists..feel like i wasted my money..i hope this can be fixed..any solutions at all?

    • i game shared and when i click find game, the resurgence maps cannot be entered? i find it very annoying, the stimulus worked fine but im having problems with the resurgence.

  • Richard Y

    Hey guys I think i have found out what the patch fixed. Like i got the last mappack (the stimulus) from my friend by downloading it off his account. Today when the resurgence pack came out, i downloaded it from him too. After i was done downloading i went on mw2 to play but then suddenly my stimulus map pack was gone. Maybe this is what they patched. If it isnt, then can someone please help me fix this? Thanks


    Mercenary Team Deathmatch and Express Team Deathmatch have always been there. Snyper said
    "Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing. It was 200MB of an update. What all was patched and added??"
    I'm updating right now and it is 346 mb.

  • charlie b

    yes i done the update and im in europe still waiting for maps tho….. i think the update was to gve the new playlists the barebones pro and barebonesobjective , to add in double points and also to make the map pack ready to be placed on the psn store.

  • David Sudar

    I realized that when I got the new update there were new playing options such as express team deathmatch

  • chux77

    Just got the update on the ps3. Game modes have changed. no Mosh Pit, new “Objectives Barebones Pro” is similiar, but killstreaks disabled. Barebones Pro, and Mercenary Team Deathmatch also new. I say booo 🙁

    • Billy Ballard

      Mercenary tdm was always there!

  • nate

    I am having problems with the new resurgence maps. The Map picture is just pixels. My other steam games have acted a bit strange by disconnecting me also.

    • Ware

      Same problem, you got any idea/tips on how to fix this? REALLY annoying to say the least.. And yes, I have tried reinstalling the MW2 Multiplayer part…

  • Snyper

    Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing. It was 200MB of an update. What all was patched and added??

  • infolock

    I have the new patch installed but my system still locks up ONLY when dealing with the new packs. Only 1 of the new maps work fine (strike I think is the name). Otherwise, either the entire game locks up during load, the game locks up as soon as I get in-game, or it locks up once the game is over.

    Again, this only happens with the new maps. All older maps work fine. Sigh…

    • MARK


  • tie

    the patch added new playlist data and to tell you new maps are available from the PS store

  • mike

    it looked like it just updated the playlists for online play. got the resurgence pack on the bottom, and also got a barebones playlist for no killstreak rewards.

  • Rexy

    it sucks and makes it hard to play the game the whole view change on the game

  • Two new gametypes. Double xp. A message for the map pack


    Yes i have noticed that a kill in snd is 1000 pts

  • Xx-MrEmOsEwA-xX

    I noticed it! It told me that new maps were available to download at the multiplayer main menu screen, altgough when I went to the ps store non were there. It also changed some of the game modes you can choose. For example barebones; where the killstreaks are turned off.

  • ModernWarefareII

    v1.11 has NOT updated yet. not in Eastern Time Zone anyways I know that because I have friends from all over and no one has got the update as of yet…

    We are all hoping it comes soooon 🙂

    Long Live Call of Duty!!!!

  • DubiousNinja

    The v1.11 patch for the PS3 version of MW2 added the Barebones Pro Playlist and the new Resurgence map pack.

  • Jason H

    It's the 4th of July bonus points update. In team deathmatch you receive 200 points per kill instead of 100. Same thing they done on Memorial Day weekend.

  • deuce

    new gamemodes like bare bones

  • tanner

    the time berfore using a kill streak has been extended form 5 seconds to 7 seconds

  • asdkajsdkl

    Double XP

  • destoyer645

    yeah its two new game modes called backbone pro and hardcore backbones

  • asianguy207

    new game mode….barebone…play with no kill streaks….which is kinda fun

  • bdfka

    ya i had to do the update this morniing

  • garysnail123

    I've noticed websites that are letting people download the Resurgence Map Pack for free. While not in the PlayStation Store quite yet, I checked on;ine play and saw maybe 10 people already playing the new maps. I don't know how their gameplay is since they are patching it but neither me or my friends can buy it yet. Hope this info helped 🙂

  • crazyk

    just got the update- probably to add in the game play option like they did with stiumulus

  • guju_dancer

    they have resurgence playlists which replaced the stimulus ones and apparently on the XBL version, the map Fuel had a rock glitch so i guess ps3 players get the chance to not be massively annoyed by the glitchers who would hide behind a rock and kill ppl where also they would not be harmed.

  • jorge

    barebones playlist

  • Michael

    When I logged in today I had to do a update for MW2.. version 1.11… so yep, it's true amigos 🙂

  • A_Chemist

    Yes there is a 16mb patch. There have been no notable changes other than the presence of a disclaimer on the main page stating that there are new maps available for download now and the addition of two new playlists (Resurgence and Hardcore Resurgence)

  • Donny_g

    All I have seen that is new is the Playlists Barebones and Barebones Objective which are playlists that have kill streaks disabled. That is what I assumed the update was for.

  • Adz

    Yes downloaded this earlier on when i switched my PS3 on.. about 6 hours ago… but the resurgence map pack is still unavailable for download..