MW2: PS3 Resurgence Map Pack DLC Release Time U.S. / UK – My Prediction

By Jamie Pert - Jul 6, 2010

Usually when DLC is being launched for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 we have some sort of indication of release time for the North America and the United Kingdom, however at the moment we are completely unaware of when to expect the Resurgence Map Package DLC to hit the PS3.

We know that it will definitely be coming to the PlayStation Store today, however plenty of our readers are eager to find out exactly what time it will arrive, therefore I thought I would pull together reliable information to come up with my prediction.

Usually Robert Bowling’s Twitter account keeps us up-to-date with all of the Modern Warfare 2 news, however he has not tweeted for two days, he will probably tweet later today when it launches for PS3, so perhaps consider following him on Twitter.

When the Xbox 360 version of the Resurgence Map Pack hit Xbox Live it arrived at all different times across the globe thanks to the way it was rolled out, however most UK gamers who commented on this post say that the download became available at approximately 8.00pm UK time.

The actual release time is dependant on many variables, therefore it is hard to put an exact time on it, however I think that it will become available at around 8.00pm GMT (UK Time), 4.00pm ET and 1.00pm PST.

These times are my predictions based on previous release patterns, therefore could be completely inaccurate, it all depends on what Sony and Activision decide.

Have you received the update? If so, where are you and what time did you get it?

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  • I don’t agree with it, thanks are in order for having the initiave to put it up

  • alan

    Guys Check out the site listed below if you want free maps for ps3 or even pc

  • Tmac

    The Resurgence package for the PS3 hit the U.S. TODAY

    (July 7th). I just downloaded it on my lunch break, haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet though.

  • ben

    im in the UK and i recieved the update this morning and the map pack at 4.00pm UK time!

  • Danny

    It's out now. Northern Ireland. 4 o'clock

  • Paddy

    UK got maps now 15:50

  • WSpicey

    Uk, it's here!

  • benjamin_

    I'm downloading them from the store now!

  • Ainger25uk

    15:33 GMT UK time I am downloading now get ur ass on the psn store now my psn is Ainger25uk add me!!!

  • DarkOkubra

    I doubt they will be on till this evening, i hoped its would be 12am last night, or first thing this morning, but here in Scotland its 2.40pm and there no sign of them on PSN