Modern Warfare 2 (PS3 DLC): Resurgence Map Pack Release Time Updates

By Alan Ng - Jul 6, 2010

It is that time again and a very exciting time for PS3 owners. Today is the day that the Resurgence Pack for Modern Warfare 2 finally gets it’s release on the PS3 and PC. As usual, you’ll get five new maps – but what time will they be arriving?

Just over a month since its release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gamers will finally get the chance to try out the new content which will be priced at US$14.99. You’ll get brand new maps such as Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel, while there is also another two classic maps in the way of Strike and Vacant from COD4.

So far, we haven’t heard anything from community manager Robert Bowling regarding an exact time, but if they follow the same patterns for the Xbox 360 release, it means that gamers should start to see the download after 12pm ET we’d say.

If you need a heads-up on the new maps, check out our previous thread here. As always, give us your feedback on the status of the PS Store.

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  • hurrdurr

    the reason you guys on ps3 get it after xbox360 users is because microsoft made a 3 year deal with infinity ward from like last year saying that any DLC that comes out for the call of duty franchise which belongs to them, microsoft gets first pick at.

  • Danny

    Dear infinity ward expand carnival at least take us to the ferries wheel and and the back part of the roller coaster. I mean at least give an update to expand the map.

  • guest

    i downloaded it and no new maps are coming up what am i doing wrong

  • SBS

    Wednesday the 7TH!!! 15:30 in UK STILL CAN'T GET IT!!!!!

    • ronslat

      17-48 here in the uk…and guess what??………..still no friggin maps

  • dannyboy1uk

    what time is it comin out whats goin on

  • errieman

    im in the netherlands and no map pack! its 15:20 here

  • Gav

    14:00 UK – Still not available

  • awayt

    still not here in the UK

  • Svekke

    9:44 am Belgium
    game is updated etc, but pack still not available in ps store …

  • Yved

    It is working In Quebec 8PM !!!


    12pm eastern ppl its not quite out yet

  • arman

    4 o clock cali time and its still not in the ps store

  • BK Essence

    Its almost 5 pm and all thats in the store is the stimulus package still, WTF???

  • anthony

    still not available in the store! WTF!!!?

  • bong

    what kind of bull crap is this. why tell us a date and not have it out. so stupid. in game it even says New maps available in the store

  • joe

    Anyone get them yet its 4pm central time and I don't have them in store yet

  • thecava

    Are they available Yet……
    Are they available Yet……
    Are they available Yet……
    Are they available Yet……
    Are they available Yet……

  • RunicFilly

    Yeah, in in Ontario, its 5 an i still dont see it in the shop, but i heard it was around 4 pm central they update it

  • dalton

    I should come out in the ps3 store at 12 I heard

  • Ritesh

    I was really excited for the maps for arrive im not lieing trust me!! so i waited and i went to the playstation store and i couldnt find it i think the maps will be arriving today at farther time.

  • guest

    its 4:30 ET where the hell are these maps

  • matthew

    Nothing yet…?

  • crzygall

    3:20pm in Memphis and still nothing in the ps store…whats up?


    wanna borrow a tenner Jimbo?

  • i live in ca. 12:00 not out yet

  • frank

    still not out

  • Hoskies

    12:30 in Cali and no download

  • Inrei

    It won’t release until it’s noon for them, so I’ve got one more hour.

  • josh

    3:16 here still no maps

  • infuego1975

    im in pennsylvania and still no maps.front page of multiplayer says new maps available in the ps store,but not in store as of 3pm

  • Cod

    2:53 still cant download

  • Nick

    1:30 here in Wisconsin and they still aren't in the store.

  • clay

    i live in IL…currently 1:34 PM and still no map packs….common, havent we waited long enough?!

  • Angel

    where are the new maps???????

  • Alex

    I can’t find the map pack in the PS3 Store, can someone help? 🙁 tell me what to search and what number down it is pleaseee.

  • Jenn

    It does not show in the store,but on my game it says new maps available

  • Dirka Dirka

    i live in virginia and its 1:43 pm and it says that the maps are available on mw2 but whe i go to download them they are not there. some bull spit. as ice cube would say on his edited movies on tv

  • james

    what tie can you download them someone helllllllllllllllllllllp

  • Captain John Soap MacTavish

    I can’t wait for the Mw2 Resurgence pack, it’s still not in the PsStore, but should be coming in two hours about.

  • T-rev

    it is 1:30 in atlanta and it still wont show up in psn store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is going on why say its available if its not!

  • 1:13 EST, still no update for me…

  • pedro

    In NJ right now and no sign of it in the playstation store yet its 12:32

  • king-s3

    here its 12:19, and still can't download it ! huhh

  • unknown

    I'm from atlantic canada and it's 1: 40 still ain't release , sony need to step up their game we shouldn't have to wait a month after xbox.

    • simon

      the only reason xbox get this game so early is because microsoft pay infinity ward to get it early as they did the same to rockstar to get gta tbogt

  • luis

    il ve in oklahoma city and it's 10:30 right now.i just downloaded the ne patch for mw2 but the maps still have not come out yet in the psn shop.

    • jordan

      what is patch for?

  • Jesse

    It still doesn't appear in the store for me 🙁 lol

  • trey


  • FinkFarm

    ok, so it is not available yet. Guess I'll check back at noon.

  • elainash

    still cant download… XD

  • jimbo505

    It isnt really an exciting time at all for ps3 owners,its just another slap in the face from sony microsoft and especially infinity ward.why do they think im interested in an update over a month after it actually came out.When the last map pack came out i couldnt even download it for a whole day because of how busy the network was.Why is it costing 11pounds,and what makes infinity ward think id pay 11 pounds for a game that isnt remotely fair or even new?Its bad enough the servers are still peer to peer or whatever bull they call it, meaning i can unload a full barrett 50cal. mag into someone and they turn round and shoot me once,check the kill cam and i never fired a shot, and now they want to charge me for some old maps and even worse still 2 maps that i already bought, paid for and owned for the last 2 years.Trust me i could go on and on for hours about how nuch of a rip-off this is.

    • das_biest7 @ Acso

      ya. thats cause all u can do is cry like a little girl, buddy u knew that they were going to be this price and mw2 is fair and will be going on for a long time. so u just need to shut ur tea hole. little british man

    • kevin

      sony and microsoft are 2 different companies. microsoft paid IW to get the release for xbox one month earlier. As we speak i'm d loading the new pack.