HTC Q2 Results / Profits: Record Highs

HTC has recently revealed its Q2 results / profits, these reports are currently unaudited, however if accurate they apparently show record highs for the rapidly growing smartphone manufacturer.

Apparently during their second-quarter HTC saw profits rise by 33 percent, this means that when the quarter ended on June 30th HTC’s net profit was $268 million, these profits are the largest HTC have seen since Q4 2007.

This time last year HTC were reporting revenue of around $32.80 billion for Q2, however this time round HTC are reporting Q2 revenue of around $60.53 billion, which shows growth of around 58 percent.

To be honest it is no surprise to see these impressive figures, so far this year HTC have somwehat dominated the smartphone market, thanks to impressive iPhone 4 competitors such as the HTC Incredible and the world’s first 4G smartphone the HTC EVO 4G.

Do you think that HTC will continue to outdo their expectations?

Source: Daily-Tech



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