Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (GRFS): Ubisoft Address Beta Questions

By Jamie Pert - Jul 6, 2010

If you were impressed by the E3 2010 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gameplay video we showed you back in June, you are probably wondering when they will launch the game’s beta, well Ubisoft has recently address the issue here.

Sadly they do not set a solid release date, however they do confirm that the GRFS beta is definitely still happening, apparently now that the game release has been pushed back they are making the most of the extra development time to make sure the beta is “well polished”.

This delay should be a good thing in the long run, however will no-doubt be frustrating for eager Ghost Recon gamers, if you want to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Future Soldier news Ubisoft recommend becoming a fan of their Facebook page.

Their Facebook page features plenty of enjoyable content for gamers, such as concept art, screenshots, videos and even some discussions.

As we find out more we will keep you posted, for more details check out the links above.

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  • where’s the freakin beta?!

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  • RICK

    so frustrated to play grfs willing to pay 60 dollars for it now