Fructose: Blood Pressure and Cardiac Arrest Fears

By Peter Chubb - Jul 6, 2010

We all knew that Coke and Pepsi were bad for us, but we did not know that they could lead to high blood pressure and the cardiac arrest. Well these fears are all because of the sugary fructose ingredient, which is also found in some fruits.

Abhay Chand from Entertainment Biz explains that 4,500 people were studied, and it was found that on an average they consumed 4 cans of soft drink per day, which worked out they had a daily intake of fructose of 74 grams.

33 percent of these were found to be very close to hypertension, and 8 percent could suffer from high blood pressure at any time. It is this high blood pressure that could lead to cardiac arrest. It is uncertain if diet versions of these soft drinks will contain fructose.

These findings from the survey were the work of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, and has reawaken the old argument about the health fears caused by drinking to much sugary drinks.

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