Facebook Mistakes: How to avoid them

I do not have a Facebook page and do not intend to, I know that it is a great way of keeping in contact with people and a great platform to network your business. However, I have seen over the months a number of security breaches and friends and family getting into arguments for sharing too much information – these are what I call Facebook mistakes.

I keep asking why they feel the need to share every little thing that they are doing in their life – they try to argue the point, but they cannot win. I am not saying that everybody is like that; my wife for instance just uses it for the flash games and for saying a quick hello to friends.

Then there are others in my family who share personal photos and ask opinions on things, when they get that answer back they are not happy – so why ask in the first place?

Mike Volpe from Mikevolpe wrote an article all the way back in 2008 when Facebook was still in its infancy, he offered information on the top Facebook mistakes. It makes me laugh how most people have ignored that advice, visit his site now, the information how to avoid these mistakes are still very relevant.



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