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Destination Arcade Coming To Xbox Live Arcade Next Week

If you are a frequent browser of XBLA, you might think that trying to find exactly what you want can be quite a tedious experience. This is all about to change, with an update coming from Microsoft called ‘Destination Arcade,’ a new easy-to-use visual browser.

The new ‘browser-like’ affair will enable users to sort by price and community rating, with 3 easy-to-see panes featuring ‘Deals of the Week,’ ‘Recently Released,’ and ‘All Games.’

No more endless lists of content. Now you will be able to see boxarts, game descriptions, recommended titles from your friends, and also recommend games to them. Microsoft are also introducing a news feed so you can keep up to date with what is forthcoming on Xbox Live Arcade. Neat huh?

Microsoft intend to roll out the new application to XBLA on July 14 in the US, but the release date for the UK version is still not known.

Source: VG247



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