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Crackdown 2: First 15 minutes before Xbox 360 Release

We have a treat for those of you who are planning to pick up Crackdown 2 this weekend in the UK, as a new video has emerged courtesy of Eurogamer showing the first 15 minutes of the game for you to enjoy.

This video is ideal for those of you still sitting on the fence on whether to get the game or not, but then again – it isn’t really a hard choice since the game is looking great.

The game is due out this Friday and is a direct sequel to the original hit title in 2007. The video starts off with a cutscene and then proceeds to give you a tutorial on how to use the controls and navigate effectively around the map.

We’re well aware that the game is already out over in the U.S, so this is purely for our readers in the UK who are thinking of getting the game this Friday. Will you?

Check out the video here



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