Car for Blind Drivers: Ford Escape in 2011

By Peter Chubb - Jul 6, 2010

The National Federation of the Blind’s annual convention started at the weekend in Dallas, and one possible contender for the first car for blind drivers was a specially equipped Ford Escape. If all goes well, then we could see the first car of its kind hit the streets in 2011.

The Ford SUV uses a system called nonvisual interface technology, which we recently discussed. The blind driver will wear a pair of gloves that sends vibrations to inform the blind driver what way to go – this certainly means that they will be relaying heavily on this technology.

The convention will go on until this Thursday, and it is not just the Ford Escape for the blind that will be getting all the attention. The Bio reader is another piece of technology; the user will be able to access more than 1 million free books – all of which will sync to your computer.

The Bio reader uses text-to-speech technology, so you will never miss out on your favorite book, as long as it will be available. Other issues being discussed is the danger associated with Hybrid and electric vehicles, as the Blind cannot see them and they make hardly no noise. More information on this can be found on Chicago Tribune

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  • Peter

    Great idea, now they can drive to a Drive In Movie !!

    What will they think of next ?

  • John

    Like the thought, but the first time that technology fails and it results in deaths…