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AT&T Apple iPhone 4: Upload Speed Restrictions Frustrating Owners

I think that it would be fair to say that the launch of the iPhone 4 has not gone quite to plan (mainly due to the signal/reception issues), however we are now hearing of another problem which is frustrating a lot of AT%T customers out-there.

Users are reporting that AT&T are capping 3G upload speeds, which means uploading photos to Facebook etc takes approximately ten times longer than it used to. Apparently prior to the cap iPhone 4 owners experienced impressive speeds of in excess of 1Mbps, however now users are reporting sub-100kbps speeds.

The problem seems to be wide-spread, so much so that MacRumors have a thread on their forums which features a long-list of affected cities/regions, you can see this list here.

There has been no official word from AT&T, therefore it is unclear whether this is a temporary or long-term problem, as we find out more on the matter we will keep you informed. In the mean time answer the question below and dream of a Verizon iPhone 4 release in early 2011.

Have you noticed a change in iPhone 4 upload speeds from AT&T?

Source: gigaom



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