Apple Gift Giveaway: Free iPad for Students

By Peter Chubb - Jul 6, 2010

An Apple gift giveaway is always hard to come by, and info on this will never be found on the Apple Store. However, we know that they exist, such as this one that we will talk about now. Students at a university have not been getting free books or things like that – instead they have been receiving a free iPad.

We know what you are thinking – sign me up now. There are a number of Universities offering this sweet deal, details of this can be found on Evan Minksker’s article over at Wallet Pop. He asks if other colleges will follow suit and offer free iPad’s?

We know that the device itself is very popular, but we are uncertain if it is a big enough draw to sign up to a certain colleague – reason being the Apple gift giveaway and info on statics is hard to gauge as it is still a very young program.

It is hoped that the iPad giveaway will help to improve education, but a recent WSJ article points out that colleges have been finding it difficult to adapt to this new tablet device – something to do with an overload on the bandwidth of each college.

For more details on this visit Wallet Pop with the link above.

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  • natedognail

    This ipad sounds really great! If I had one I could do 12 times better in school. I have a lot of work & that ipad sounds like something that would help me with everything in & outside of school.

  • Tracy Upson

    I need that ipad and ipod for my son Joshua. He's birthday is January 18, 2011. His dad have been out of work for 1year 1/2. I only make $21000 a year it's hard for us.

    Thanks, God blessing

  • Joesph

    i was told that i could get a free ipad for a review. i want a ipad, and a ipod.

  • robert raya

    I would like get my Free iPad how do I get one

  • mohammed

    me 2..i wanna work too

  • yung coin

    i will like to work with u guys and have that i pad