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White iPhone 4 with Diamonds: No Antenna Problem

The release of the iPhone 4 did not go that well for a number of reasons – one is because the white version was delayed, and the other was because of the poor reception caused by its external antenna, which Apple has since apologized for. However, Stuart Hughes has solved both these issues with the iPhone 4 Diamond Edition.

There has already been a wooden veneer, but you have to admit that this looks awesome. However, the downside it its $20,000 price tag. The Apple logo on the rear has been bedazzled, but it is those diamonds on the edge where the antenna is that has caught my eye.

These means two things, you can hold the handset anyway you wish and you do not have to put a Bumper on it to make a call without losing a signal. We are not sure when the iPhone 4 Diamond Edition will be available, and if it will make it before the official white one becomes available.

Donald Melanson from Engadget explains that this fourth-generation iPhone is an unlocked 32GB model, so you can use it on whatever carrier you wish.



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