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Skate 3: Hawaiian Dream DLC – Release Date and Price

Roughly one month ago EA released the ‘Maloof Money Cup‘ DLC for Skate 3, we are now hearing that more DLC will arrive tomorrow for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

This DLC is called the ‘Hawaiian Dream’, as of July 6th it will be available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points and the PlayStation Store for $6.99.

This DLC will give you access to a new area (Hawaii), a new skater (Danny Way), 24 new challenges along with new Achievements and Trophies to aim for.

The new skating area was designed by Danny and consists of “original street terrain to flowing skate parks”, which will no doubt allow you to get the most out of your skater.

Will you buy the Hawaiian Dream DLC?

Source: JoyStiq



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