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Opera 10.6 Download: With WebM Video Support

Opera 10.5 was released just four months ago and now the team is back for more with version 10.6 ready for download. This lightweight web browser has a number of new features, but the one that has been getting the most attention has to be WebM video support.

Sean Hollister from Engadget explains that this is the first final browser to get the feature; he also states that it is the fastest. Upon reviewing the new browser, Hollister pointed out that videos often broke up while running Opera 10.6 on Windows, but things were still fast.

However, the new web browser seems to load up the Engadget blog much faster than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Opera themselves believes that their newest version is 50 percent faster than its predecessor, but do not take their word for it – download it yourself and give it a try. A browser is not just about speed; it’s also about staying secure – that’s where phishing protection and anti-fraud systems come in. Let us know if you thin that this latest version is as fast as they say.


  • Maximus

    I believed it's the fastest browser out there, period… I'm always in search of speed when i'm line. IE9 beta is a disappointment so far, fireox 3.8 is ok, chrome is till a far distant. the closest is safari so far, but still not as fast. I will take speed anytime over extensions.

  • Go surfing

    Opera is a full-fledged web brower, with more features than any other, but no extensions.

    For fun, see


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