Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect: Retail Packaging – Do you like it?

For those of you who are planning to pick up Microsoft’s Kinect motion system in November, you should pay attention – it looks as if the retail box package has been leaked a few months early. We want your thoughts on the color scheme.

An image of the packaging has been obtained by Kotaku and gives us a very close-up look at Microsoft’s somewhat ‘colorful’ choice of packaging. We know that Microsoft are really pushing the boat out with Kinect and want to appeal to as much people as possible, but is the ten shades of purple and green really necessary?

We would of preferred a slicker look, perhaps black mixed with a bit of dark blue, but we don’t all get what we want sometimes. I don’t like the packaging personally, but maybe you think differently.

Take a look at the image below and let us know your thoughts on the box. Are you a fan or not?

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  • Argon

    you got to be kidding me!? who cares what the box looks like, do you really think anybody going to cry or suicide over the box design…? What are you going to put it on shelf or pin to the wall in your room… wooow

  • Klatu

    Not slick enough. Even the packaging is appealing to the "casual" gamer crowd. Gimme a break MS. Im the "core" demographic that made the games division profitable, not the Wii crowd. Jeez. Whats next, an "elderly" bundle that comes with "extreme penochle" and a "virtual walking stick"? I mean seriously, it sounds like a joke, but that's where they are going with this. Stick to your guns, your proven consumer base ( "hardcore" gamers) and we will continue to buy your products. This whole "casual" movement is dissapointing, and distracting MS from its actual base users. It will flop and cost them HUGE $$$ if they dont come around soon. Whoever is behind this "casual" marketing gimmick should be taken out back o' the shed….


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