KickassTorrents: Experiencing Problems Due to DDoS attack

By Jamie Pert - Jul 5, 2010

Ever since the authorities took down 9 websites including NinjaVideo and a host of other movie pirate websites that allowed users to watch new movies for free, demand for illegal movies have arisen, and with that, it seems that are also experiencing problems due to an apparent DDOS attack.

Kickasstorrents is a fairly new torrent website that has shown up on the internet. It is known for it’s very user friendly pages, and being far less crowded than most other torrent websites out there.

By visting the websites official Twitter page, a tweet appeared around 3 hours ago stating that they were experiencing a “heavy ddos attack,” and that they would be “fully online” in a few hours. A link was also posted so you can keep up with what was going on, but since the tweet, it seems that also can not be accessed. The official Facebook page also does not shed any light on the situation.

Since the official update, a number of tweets from several users have appeared on the internet asking if the site is working, or just generally being confused as to why the website is not functioning. As we now know, it is down to this DDOS attack which is known as a “distributed-denial-of-service-attack.” More information about what a DDOS can be found on Wikipedia.

Is the website working for you yet? Let us and our visitors know when it is back up.

Source: Twitter

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  • Ranafzzal

    pleas solve the problem we miss a lot this site bacause most better site of net ever pleas pleas

  • maccalum

    not again as usual cant get sergants 3 its an oldie film but now cant get it

  • brendan

    gone off now again 2/02/11 403 forbidden

  • dan

    it's working now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JJEN


  • anonymous

    ragazzi scaricate ultrasurf 9,97

  • tony

    kickass has been closed down by the russians

  • ken


  • missing KA

    • scifi

      I feel your pain; I was 79% through…

  • still not working for me!!!! kickasstorrents really really great!!!! hope that this site will be right back 🙂


    august 12 of 2010 .. its still not working guys…. i hope this problem will be fix ASAP

  • foxeylady

    please fix this problem,

  • quietdreamer

    August 10:41A.M still not working!!!!!

  • Trauma189

    As of 11:23 pm august 10th, still not working.. Any news???????

  • catspam

    august 11 site still not working

  • Wes

    Not working for me in Cali 🙁

  • jb2750

    still not working

  • Sportmania

    It's not working..somebody do something!

  • Raymond

    As of 12:15 pm on August 10th, 2010 the site is down, tried everything I know to get on it, looks like uncle sam is tired of not getting fat on our money again and is pissed off…



  • Aslam

    it's still not working

  • Austin

    its Back up

  • Austin

    Back up!!!!!

  • yohann

    the website work now

  • Anyms

    kickasstorrents is great.. pease fix it.. i need to watch foghorn leghorn

  • Thrash

    demonoid went through denial of service attack just recently also.