iTunes: User Accounts Hacked; Apple Stay Quiet

By Jamie Pert - Jul 5, 2010

DailyTech have revealed a story which might be of some major concern to iTunes users regarding the hacking of numerous accounts hacked over the holiday weekend.

The original story comes from TheNextWeb, who say hundreds, if not thousands of iTunes accounts have been hacked during the past weekend with a variety of methods to obtain hundreds of dollars from the iTunes app store and music library.

A developer apparently used a technique which upped his apps to fill the top 40 out of the 50 top spots in the iTunes iBook section. They have since been removed from the app store by Apple.

Other apps such as the Charismaist app, the Wishii Network apps, and the apps from Storm 8 have also been named, shamed and removed.

Users are reporting losses from $150-anything around the $600 mark. One user even estimates that they have made a significant loss of $1400 on what looks to be in-game credits for a game called World War costing $160 per transaction along with some music.

Apple have not officially responded to any of the hacks, but Twitter users are reporting that they have got the money back which they have lost in the process.

We are not sure yet how these hackers have obtained the passwords for iTunes accounts, but it is recommended that you remove your credit card details for now and change your passwords too.

More information about the iTunes hack can be seen via the source below. I wonder if this could be anything connected to the YouTube hacks that took place yesterday?

Has your iTunes account been compromised?

Source: DailyTech

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  • Beni

    well that is strange because yesterday i had like 100.- CHF purchase for your app(world war), which i dont even have installed at all.

  • Storm8

    We (Storm8, the developer of World War) have replied to the post from TheNextWeb which you quoted in this post. We do not hack into anyone's account and we do not use anyone's account to make purchases. If you have more questions, please email