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Google Nexus Two: Not Happenings Says CEO Eric Schmidt

Soon after the Google Nexus One smartphone was released speculation arose surrounding a follow-up handset, many believed it would be called the Google Nexus Two and would be aimed towards enterprise users.

Now according to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, Google will not be releasing a Nexus Two, this was revealed when he spoke to The Telegraph, he says that the Nexus One’s mission was to spur on the Android hardware market, this mission was fulfilled, therefore a Nexus Two is not needed.

To be honest you have to agree with Schmidt, there seems to be a new Android-based smartphone released every week, and some of these are serious competitors to the iPhone 4, therefore Google can concentrate on OS development, whilst manufacturers such as Motorola and HTC concentrate on the hardware side of things.

Do you think that Google need to release a Nexus One successor?

Source: SlashGear


  • matt

    It doesn’t help Google to concentrate on OS development and release updates if no on is applying them. The nexus one is and has been the leader when it comes to getting updates. Google should release a nexus two with the goal of motivating carriers and manufacturers to push out OTA updates faster.


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