Gaga’s Facebook Record: Did you help?

By Gary Johnson - Jul 5, 2010

Are you on Facebook? If so, did you help LadyGaga at the weekend become the first living music artist to reach 10 million fans or “Likes” on Facebook? This total bettered US President Barack Obama’s number’s by about 700,000.

Samuel Axon of is reporting that Lady Gaga’s Facebook page is updated regularly by a ghost writer or the pop star herself. This latest news follows on from Lady Gaga becoming the first current music artist to reach one Billion YouTube views. The success of Lady Gaga and her online music videos is down to the strategy video site Vevo has implemented.

The pop princess still has a way to go to beat the late Micheal Jackson who currently has almost 15 million fans on Facebook. Recently Lady Gaga’s Facebook fans arranged a “Nation Lady Gaga Day”, an event which was part of the celebrations had more than 100,000 people attending. Her Twitter account currently has more than 4.5 milion followers, making her a popular star at the moment.

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