Food / Product Recall App: Android, Blackberry and iPhone

The safety of our children comes first so being able to access the latest news on a certain food or product recall is very important – worrying about ourselves comes second. Searching the Internet for the many number of websites designed for offering the latest detains on recalls is often a daunting task, which is why the news that there is an Android smartphone app for this with Blackberry and the iPhone version coming soon.

The U.S. Government’s Products Recall app is one application that you should not be without – the moment it becomes available for the iPhone I will be downloading and installing it. Well, it would be funny if the iPhone ends up on the recall app due to its signal problems.

The Android app is available to download now, which you can do by visiting The app gathers information from a number of different U.S. agencies – including the FSIS and the FDA. This will give you all the information you need on product recalls in one easy place.

Once the app has been released on all three of the major platforms it could become one of the most popular app downloads. We are not certain of a price – but we have to assume that the app would be free for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. For more details visit



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