Apple TV 2: Netflix and Hulu Integration?

Apple’s Steve Jobs said last month that Apple TV was more of a hobby than a project, but we have to wonder if this is a mind game? We cannot see Jobs allowing the likes of Google with their upcoming TV device to take all the limelight – we believe that there will be an Apple TV 2 and it will offer Netflix and Hulu.

We recently reported that the next version of Apple TV could run iOS 4 and will cost just $99 – we can see the former happening but the latter is a bit of a stretch. Then again, there could be a little truth in that as Google is certain to offer their device at a competitive price.

Pocket-lint has been looking back at a NY Times article, where one of their reporters had been talking to an Apple insider. It seems that the Cupertino Company is working on a newer version of the Apple TV and has a team working on a number of key areas for the device.

We know that Apple usually has an iPod event in September – maybe they will use this as an opportunity to announce Apple TV 2 as well?



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