Apple iPhone 4 Apology: Still not convinced

By Peter Chubb - Jul 5, 2010

By now you should all know about the iPhone 4 reception issue, it took over a week for Apple to issue an apology, where they explained that they got it totally wrong. They were talking about how the iOS 4 software reports the strength of the carrier’s signal.

Apple has been receiving a huge number of complaints on a daily basis, all of which has something to do with when you hold the fourth-generation iPhone in your left hand, which we have a hands-on review of this happening. Many believe that it is a fault with the antenna being on the outside, but Apple maintains that its all about mathematics and can be solved with a simple iOS 4 update.

Apple maintains that the signal strength that you see in the first place is wrong, so if you have 5 bars, you are really only getting 3 so why are we still dropping calls if it is only what we are seeing on screen?

According to a report on Washington Post, iPhone 4 users are still not convinced that a firmware update will solve the issue and that it is still hardware related. What do you think?

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