Adobe Flash on iPad Demo: iPhone iOS 4 support coming

By Alan Ng - Jul 5, 2010

Are you still praying that Flash support comes to the Apple iPad in the future? It may happen sooner than you think – just check out this pretty smart Flash application for the iPad, which has been ported over from Android.

As reported from Redmondpie, the port is appropriately named ‘Frash’ and has been created by well known iPhone community hacker Comex. Frash uses a compatibility layer to run most Flash programs natively in the MobileSafari browser, the video below shows you just how smooth flash is running on the iPad.

At the moment, this port is for iPad only, but the report confirms that support for iOS 4 is also planned in the future – iPhone 4 anyone? The good news is that this port will be available to download soon, when the program is ‘stable’. In the meantime, developers are welcome to help with the project at this link.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on this. It looks quite promising doesn’t it?

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  • Arrrrg

    There will be a competing device, using Linux I'm told – released sometime in 2011. There was a Tech Update featuring it last month. Its a few hundred dollars less than an Ipad – downside is its made in India

  • Jason C

    Flash needs to be sorted , with apple helping not hindering ! They knew it would be a problem . Give the people what they want . And the lady at the start ….WTF are you on ?

  • Hugoss

    As random pointed out, this is all about money and control. If there was an option to turn on or off flash on the iPad, does anybody seriously think that people would want to turn it off to save battery power? I am sitting in a cafe with my iPad trying to view a flash site, I now have to go to work just to view the site – hugely inconvenient. The battery power on the iPad is extremely good, no way would make even a dent in it.
    Thank you to hackers that will eventually create a workaround and expose the lies that apple have created about the battery drain.
    Apple workers like "Melanie" stay out of these discussions, all you do is annoy people even more.

  • the issue is that flash should die. i love the fact that now people can't use flash to deliver crappy 'experiences' they have to think properly about design, interaction, content and delivery. Roll on innovation.

    If Flash was about control and bottom line then why would apple so openly and positively support HTML 5.

    Flash is bad technology that is no good for touch-enabled mobile devices with limited battery life.

  • Random

    Ron is correct, the issue is control, and MONEY.

    If the ipad and iphone had flash then users could use websites like Hulu and watch tv shows and movies online…. Instead of buying them from itunes, flash isn't bugger or crashing or have a battery issue, it's control and money, apple doesn't earn it's money selling the iphone and ipad, it earns it's money from itunes.

    Who thinks Melanie works for Apple … hands anyone? …

  • Ron

    The issue is not technology people. The issue in control.

  • Whatever

    Girl Gamer!

    Take your PMS shit elsewhere!

    Without people like those inofficial developers in the jailbreak community, Apple would not even have sold as many iPhones as they have. That is just one thing. Steve should get his head checked. Its up to the user to decide what they should do on their expensive phone, not some slimobsessed wanker at a company.

  • Henry

    What is the big issue about battery and memory/performance. If there is an issue then the hardware providers need to develop a machine that can cope. Why do users need to change. Look how far computers have come in terms of memory and performance in the last 15 years. Mobiles should and will make the same if not more rapid improvement in the next few years. My tip to Apple and all other producers – MAKE A MACHINE THAT CAN COPE. IF NOT DON"T SELL IT UNTIL IT'S READY!

  • Girl Gamer

    If it's not official then forget it,
    but the real point is why can't jail breakers stop acting like
    Criminals and get an actual job making legit products that would actually makee apple want to use flash or whatever. instead they mess tones of stuff up by promoting piracy and alot of websites are no better.

    • Anon

      Beacuse if you were actually an app programmer and knew about apple's policies you would know that apple does not and will not allow flash on their ipads and iphones. Why? Because apple wants to push its own video format and not have to pay licenses to other companies for future products. I jailbreaked my ipad and have a working flash player on it. Battery consumption is no different than when watching a video on the default ipad player. When i travel i carry my charging cable so really its a silly argument jobs makes about denying flash on ipad.

  • dusty

    I agree with Dan – why this hostile attitude from the Steve Jobs loyalists. The discussion should be about options and user choice – something Apple seems to be against as it threatens their bottom line.

  • Dan

    Wow. That was a negative comment for such a wonderful and free improvement. Jerk.

  • Melanie

    Um, yeah. I particularly loved the Alien Hominid requirement to use arrow keys to play the game. How, exactly, did that work on the iPad? So, Flash. Yeah. Did you report how much battery power it used? Well, at least it didn’t crash during your demo. And, you know, that’s progress.

    • Daniel Essex

      You do know you can pair a bluetooth (or USB via camera connector) keyboard to the iPad/iPhone4 right?
      Battery power is a non-issue at this stage in the proof-of-concept development.

      I gotta say congrats to the dude (I'm actually surprised someone at Adobe didn't do this already). Though I'd rather they got the iP4 jailbreak out – i miss it big style

    • Mole,enie

      Um, Ya, Like, Um, I love pointing out that one hugely irrelevant flash application is ill designed for the iPad. How, exactly, like did I miss thinking about the benefits of improved YouTube over 3g? Like, totally!
      Did you report how much battery power it used? Because the answer is probably 'a reasonable amount', especially given that one needn't be using their flash capabilities the whole time the machine is on (or even at all – it's a choice… imagine that!).
      Well, at least it didn't crash LOLLL! And, you know, thats' like, progress over not having it at all and like, commas everywhere!!!