2011 Toyota Tacoma: Revisions and price

Toyota is almost ready to start production on the 2011 Tacoma at its new in San Antonio plant and you can see by the image at PickupTrucks that there have been a few revisions – not just with the design but its price as well. One of the most recognizable changes is its new grille.

We know that production has yet to start, but PickupTrucks were able to gain some knowledge of design changes thanks to a pilot batch of 2011 Toyota Tacoma trucks.

Apart from the revised grille we are not certain what other changes have been made – we will just have to wait until Toyota offers some more details.

Prices will start at $16,365; those wanting a high-end model will be looking at paying $27,525. Upon a closer look, we did manage to find a few more details on this revised version thanks to Zach Bowman from Autoblog. Toyota is to delete a few manuals, but will introduce some more auto-transmissions.


  • tacoma fan

    2011 series looks the same as the older series of tacoma. No much significant changes in exterior. Its just made to look new and few changes in the specs. What do you feel?

  • Bubba

    After my '07 Tacoma I will never buy another Toyota.
    Engine went @ less than 40,000 miles.
    Clutch failed @ 28,000 mile due to faulty slave cylinder.
    Vehicle wanders all over the road.
    If you hit a bump on wet road you might find yourself in oncoming traffic.

    Toyota – Oh what a reaming!


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