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More Nexus One Battery Life: Go Blood Red

When Google launched its Nexus One Android handset it had high hopes, sadly things never went Google’s way and looks to have given up on the idea of a new version. That’s not to say that the smartphone is not good and benefits from getting Android updates like 2.2 froYo first. However there are a number of ways how you can improve the handset – such as its battery life.

You will see over on Jeff Sharkey’s website images of five Google Nexus One superphones, you would be forgiven for thinking that their AMOLED screens had gone – but they have not. Instead using colors like blood red will help to increase battery life by up to 42 percent.

We understand that these colors will not look that great when trying to use many of the features on the handset – but for everyday use such as making and receiving calls and text, then it is ideal. Do not get too exited, as this patch will not be available to the masses, but it would be one that would prove very popular.

However, if you would like to patch it to your handset that has not been jailbroken, then visit the source link above for all the details.



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