Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombie Mode Confirmed for Xbox 360, PS3?

By Alan Ng - Jul 4, 2010

We have an update regarding Zombie Mode in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops game, and it is pretty exciting news. Some new information has appeared seemingly confirming that zombie mode WILL be included in the game.

You won’t need us to remind you that Zombies Mode was a notable absentee from this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles. Treyarch even opened the show during Microsoft’s keynote conference, but there was no confirmations of easily the best thing within World of War.

Speculation is mounting that the developer is preparing for an announcement about zombies at GamesCom, but if you head over to this listing over at IMDB, you’ll see that a voice actor has already been listed to play the role of the zombies.

It is highly unlikely that zombie mode won’t be included in the new game, especially since Treyarch know that the fans want it bad and wouldn’t mind paying a premium price for it.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long until they confirm it properly. Let us know your thoughts on this.


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  • and M60 LMG

  • why call of duty black ops zombie not have AK-47

  • evan

    i haved played COD:black ops and thier r nazi zombies i have played it and i have found out that there is zombie dogs and what poeple call "gas zombies" they dont look like zombies but they have pale skin a huge mouth and no eyes and they r called gas zombies because when u kill them(some times) nova 6 comes out of thier body and the maps(i have played) r kind er toten,FIVE,and black ops arcade

  • charlie

    How do you get inf ammo and inf health.

  • Levi

    the game is realy good.

  • ifSffSS


  • swarco

    does anybody have a ps3? if u do then u can add me swarco58

  • sup1312

    ok first of all im not paying just to have nazi zombies why cant it be like waw when u had the first map for free then other maps came out and u had to buy them?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • black ops no 1 fan

    is the wunderwaffledg2 in zombies cus ray gun is

  • erik

    dude i've heard other information and they didin't say that u retard

  • Chris

    zombies will be in black ops i saw them in the trailer

  • justspeakinmymind

    Why does everyone love zombies so much? For Christ's sake, it's a WAR game, not a horror based game! If you want zombies, go back to WaW or play L4D seriously because I am sick and tired of fucking little 11 year olds talking about wanting there to be zombies in the game! Yes, IW screwed up, but Treyarch cannot fuck up too! History must not repeat itself, so, Treyarch, for the love of God, DO NOT PUT ZOMBIES IN BLACK OPS! Oh, and I've played the game, and I survived 20 fucking rounds and realized that zombies are fucking repetitive! To all you little fanboys out there, yeah, okay, you can vote me down, I don't care! You are entitled to your opinion, but your opinions suck ass! You think there are enough zombie games out there? Well, if not, then you're fucked in the head! PLEASE tell me what is so special about zombies! I crave the answer! I hope there aren't zombies in Black Ops, because if there are, I'm not buying the game. Seriously! Zombies suck the fun out of the fucking game!


    Cool story bro 😀

  • the man

    ha ha

  • I See Dead People

    Zombies is the best part of WAW! it would be rude not to include it in the new game. I just don't know if they could produce anything to match Der Reise!

  • jack tomo

    omg hope this is true

  • tom

    I want Zombies! I don't why I like it but it Is great to play!!!!

  • Zombies have still not been confirmed but there is already overwhelming evidence that theyre going to add them in.

  • timonator

    zombies for me

  • wonder123

    charlie zombie? what the

  • wonder123

    charlie zombie ? what the heck

  • sexpie

    charlie zombies?

  • wonder123

    i hope they put zombies in black ops

  • ererr

    they should put a zombie mode because of all those clues in der riese

  • peepzone

    sweet zombies

  • kjw

    hope they dont make zombies have guns that would piss me off:(

  • Cody P

    IW : TI's, Camping, commando and other silly perks.
    Treyarch : fast action, tanks, zombies!, the whole juggernaut/Stoppinpower thing
    Battlefeild : vehicles, perkless, destructible enviro and more,
    reply your vote in this thread.
    I dont mind IW votes i just like battlefield and treyarch alot more.

  • Lucky

    treyarch is putting themselves in deep shit if they dont put in zombies….. they will lose 95% of their fans… includin me

  • SPud

    if u notice when u click the link and go to the person that is playin the voice of "zombie" it says rumored so it is not just definite yet

  • beetbeet123

    ZOMBIES KICKED ASS I STILL PLAY IT NOW! but WaW did fail on campaign and multiplayer that sucked but hey if treyarch are going to make a modern game hey hey hope for the best but WHO DOESNT WANT TO SHOOT THE F*** INTO ZOMBIES WITH MODERN GUNS!


  • Zombies

    I might not buy if it doesn't have zombies. Most of the time I play world at war for the zombies

  • Sam

    Don’t u guys think that zombie could be a character in the story, like ghost or soap was???

  • cell23901

    zombies are alsome!!! but that is my opinion and you have yours, its challenging to see how far you can make it … and as far as other zombie games go they dont cut it , it is one of the best zombie games out now so why wouldnt people enjoy it !!! cod waw is a great game based on an era just as cod 4,2 i like the older guns myself but still enjoy some modern warfare time to time. what would be cool is if they have a open world like gta , add some zombies and cod touch and youll have one of the best games of all times , and little story line would be cool

  • justin

    nazi zombies was the funest game mode i have ever played.World at war was brilliant for putting zombies in.The gamplay was so good for it. Please put zombies in black ops dont let us down again.It could be iraq zombies or somthing.Also since i already know you are going to put zombies mode in it here are some cool ideas that would be so fun.there could be killstreak rewards in the zombies like airstrikes and placeable gun turrents but so it wouldnt make it so cheap for the zombies you could make them last a couple of seconds and you only get them every couple hundred kills and stuff.Also you could make a crap loud of new traps and guns.It would also make it a lot more fun if you could custimize your own charecter just for zombies like cloths and gun camo. and what if you could make your own zombies map with map editor like far crys 2

  • louis

    zombies is the best! if its not in black ops im not buying it!

  • dangthing

    Truly they would have to be brain dead to not include zombies. I was not going to purchase WAW until I discovered that they had a really enjoyable zombie mode. In fact they should forgo Black Ops all together and just make, Call of Duty: Zombies. Imagine an online competitive zombie mode….could be amazing if they did it right.

  • xbox360.gamer

    i played nazi zombies more then R E 5 and l4d,l4d2 together
    nazi zombies is the best extra i have ever seen in a game

  • faisalzombiekiller

    if they don.t put nazi zombies in cod:black ops i will i will right were sorry we were stupid we don.t put nazi zombies in the case ha guys


    yo dog i know its no nazi zombies but zombies im fine with that i just want more cool zombie shit to kill kick back with friends have laughs feel tense and chill bunker down when people wanna eat and piss lmao buti just want that sensation back treyarch please give it back these other game creators aint got shit on zombies of cod fuck IW mod2 was garbage im ready for what trey has in stores! who is with me on this

    • Stickman47

      you know any english?

  • steve

    im not going to even think about buying black ops until i see some zombie gameplay

  • Steve

    Zombies are going to be sweet. I even heard that there will be a choise between being the person that kills the zombies or being a zombie yourself. I can't wait.

  • jord99

    zombies are way better than spec ops in many ways

  • some1

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMBIES IS ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every zombie fan (like me) and cod fan (like me) would definatly by black ops and play it ALOT. it would awsome if there was open maps and mostly modern guns. please treyarch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane glesmann

    Zombies is all i needed to hear to buy that game!

    I think there should be new weapons such as:

    Gun (or ammo)that will go through multiple zombies,
    More ammo clip size for the waffler and others
    Upgrade for Juggernaut, speed cola for running
    New grenades that are stronger (pulse, dynamite etc.)
    Longer attraction for the monkey bombs
    Blue torch flame gun (replaces flame thrower) instead of all that fire in the way to make it easier to see if you there are zombies behind the ones you've killed.

    **A machine to get ammo for upgraded weapons**

    Thanks for taking the time to read or consider this,
    Suga Shane and David G.

  • EUSGhillieSniper

    COD Really needs Black Ops. And If They Do Have It, Will We Have To Pay Extra For It? Like A Collectors Edition, Or Something?

  • DongLicker

    People like games that are challenging and almost impossible to beat. 2 player Zombies was unbeatable. We just hoped to get past level 30. And it was fun trying. Figuring out new ways to stay alive with no ammo is awesome. Anyone who hates on Zombies is gay.

  • Harry

    Yeah they gotta have zombies in it, but one of the things I liked about Nazi zombies especially with deer riese, is that it was kinda true (I mean as people actually belived that Some Nazi were zombies, not they were actually real, like a sort of myth) becuases in the belief, in real life they discovered a metior from space and they discovered element 115 which there were rum ors that it could bring back the dead, be used for some sort of anti gravity and they could make a weapon out of it called the wonderwaffe (wonder weapon in german) shame they have only made about 30 atoms of element 115 lol

  • crackheadzombiekiller

    hell ya mother fuckers zombies is like crack bitchesalso its like prongle onces u pop u just cant stop shit they need to be some beefed up zombies in the game that can fuck u up big time and when u die u should just respwan with in a min no the beggung of i new round so it can help everyone atleast get a chance to get father in rounds more monkeys to lol i lvoe it when there about to explode and they go BYE BYE ZOMBIES lol cracks me up the hell dogs lol fuck em t hey should put something with more of a scare like ur mamma lol no they should and it should be good knowing there dumbasses they put hell kittens in with knives lol that be funny shit well every one i am bout to go jump off a bridge and join they zombies that eat ur fleash and not just bitch slap u around and i wont be a slow mother fucker either ill chase ur ass down for some fleash lol btw i am just bored in class writting this i aint insance or am i

  • Ace

    it's World AT War

  • Crazyposse

    Nazi zombies is the best mode out of all of the modes in any cod

    • dude101

      i agree

  • Crazyposse

    If Trey ark don't put zombies in Black Ops I'm going to scream my head off

  • Jack

    why do we have to pay

  • Matt

    The majority of the price hiked maps in the Stim Pac and Resurgence map packs are direct COD4 ports that should of came with MW2. Robert Bowling helped a lot in completely shafting the PC audience of the COD games, not to mention the continous retread of locations in Campaign and Spec Ops gave most players the feeling "Wasn't I here an hour ago?" And the half baked multiplayer "we're to cheap for a beta" attitude the post 2007 Infinity Ward had killed off a lot of the remaining console community. Whatever talent that was left was fired on March 3rd. Luckily, Treyarch hasnt shown a deaf ear towards its community, and plans to come out with a true contender to the GOW and Halo offerings to come out in the next quarter and the quarter after the quarter after that.

  • Fourpakk77

    Not only was Spec Ops a massive failure, so wasn’t the mw2 map packs. The last time I checked Map Packs 1-3 (for w@w) were the MOST downloaded add-on content ever. Treyarch didn’t use recycled maps in there add-ons either. Treyarch always gave us 3 NEW maps and 1 NEW zombie map. Completely original content!!! In my opinion the fascination with zombies was the fact that you were always trying to make it further and further. Unlike Spec Ops which was “beat the spec ops mode…then game over”. Spec Ops was created for 10-13 year old trophy/accomplishment collectors. Zombies on the other hand was obviously addicting to a hell of a lot more consumers/gamers. So if anyone needs proof on which game was more popular and made more money, just look it up. You’ll see that nothing came close to Nazi Zombies. Nazi Zombies made more money and it cost less. End of story!!

    • ModWF2isforMODERS

      Well put bro!!!

    • lucky

      u jsut read my mind lol… treyarch needs to put in some sort of zombie mode, or they will lose a crapload of cash

  • Zombie freak

    Ok I havnt read everything but….zombie mode was thee best thing ever and it’s unique there are no other zombie games like it (if I’m wrong PLEASE tell me) and yes cod4 owned soooo much but mw2 is jus crap and sooooo noob friendly taking absolutly no skill unless you yourself limit your game play ( shield only knife only ect) and is extremly boring and frustrating WaW is 10x better ten mw2 simply because of zombies but also WaW multiplayer is alot funner too and yeah I’m running out of stuff cuz I can never consentrate on things lol but yeah I thing BO will be amazing as long as it 1: has zombies 2: doesn’t have danger close OMA tubes 3: secondary overpower shotguns and 4: commando (perk)

    • tylerNINJAgiffin

      Fuck you MW2 is amazing. I know OMA Tubes and Danger Close is extremely gay. I don't do that but I'm saying MW2 was still an amazing game. It was perfection. I love zombie made and want to see it come back. You are stupid and are absolutely wrong for dissing MW2.

    • Lewis

      Hey Zombie Freak, i totally agree with everything you said. you should look me up on XBL. My gamertag ParkerLewisCL. i think mw2 is a noob fest and still play nazi zombies to this day. So yeah hit me up and we could kill some zombies and talk shit about all the fags on MW2 lol. Later

    • Hey Zombie freak, i totally agree with you, Treyarch out did themselves with nazi zombies. You should look me up on XBL, my gamertag is ParkerLewisCL we'll kill some zombies and talk shit about the dumbasses on MW2. Later

  • jord

    Iw can’t put zombies on MW2 because its treyarchs add-on dumbasses :L

  • DUZZYv

    Nazi zombies was 10x better than Spec Ops but you guys don’t have to hate it there are SOME fun missions in it. Treyarch GIVE ME ZOMBIES….please

  • J

    There is not going to Nazi zombies there is going to be a different kind of zombie but not NAZI it’s it might be a about some other zombie

  • Gotta have zombie multiplayer mode in black ops !!!

    And garaunteed it will be . !!

    • dude101

      it does by the way not trying to be rude____

  • Anthony

    Zombies are one of the main reasons they're gonna make money, and they made alot with the WAW, so its most likly that they are gonna put zombies in it

  • jamie

    if they dont put zombies… than they might as well write put a description on the game case's saying (please dont buy this game we were so stupid that we didnt include a zombies mode in this game)

    who agree's with me?


  • donkey luva

    if black ops has zombies, i will rub the nipples of a donkey

  • dave


  • Zombie mode was one of the best features of WaW and i was disapointed to find it was not on MW2 … Ill be even more disapointed if i find its not on Black ops because treyarch realy put their time into making the game (Bring out a BETA, …) unlike IW who i think have made one of the best games of all time (MW2) but with alot of f*cked up things in it (Result of not making a BETA) …

  • RiceAgainst

    I was doubting myself but not anymore! I’ve heard that there might be a campaign for zombies, but hopefully, it’s a bit more storyline-ish than W@W’s zombie campaign.

    I want a change in zombies (maybe cheats like inf. health/inf. ammo that don’t go on the leaderboards?) but I don’t want the mode to be messed up. I guess all we can do is let Treyarch do their job. Oh, Zombies > CoD4 Arcade mode & CoD:MW2 Spec Ops. I had some fun in Spec Ops though, don’t get me wrong.

  • Lawl

    If there is no zombies, i'm not buying Black ops. Honestly.

    • Chad

      dude same here

      • xdarrenxtrx

        I totally agree zombie mode will make black ops without it the game will be shit!

    • senna

      i agree too

    • rasinghell95

      thats true the only reason i play cod waw cause theres zombies

    • swarco

      it just depends if the zombie mode is different from world at war or not

  • truebornwesker

    zombies are amazing

  • Derek R

    Awesome!!! I love nazi zombies!!!

  • Youdontjack


    I don't know why everyone has this obsession with Zombies. Just go buy a game that is about Zombies and monsters, there are plenty of them out there. If you really want to do something that is relative to a game that is about WAR, put in a Special Ops type mode or something. IW had it right in this regard.

    • dattebayo

      o rlly? spec ops was an epic failure. it was boring, repetitive, and lacked the exitement of the zombie mode. i REALLY hope black ops does better than modern warfail 2.

      • Youdontknowjack

        Boring and repetitive? lol. You just described zombies completely. Thank you. I guess you have to be 13 to see the fun in zombies. It’s just not my thing.

        Oh, and the Modern Warfare games kick WAW’s butt. I’ve got COD4, MW2 & WAW. WAW was okay, but left me bored.

        BTW, maybe they can add big game hunting, fishing, and a round of Nascar as side missions to Black Ops, because they all have as much to do with war as zombies do. To be honest, I probably won’t buy Black Ops anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. I’m waiting for the next IW game. Until then I will likely grab Medal of Honor this fall over Black Ops and Treyarch’s silly add-ins.

        • wait ur describing zombies as if it was an actual game. its called a SIDEGAME, not the actual gametype CoD is based on and if ur to short-sighted to see that then well f**k u. zombies boring, give me a break dude we can all see u have no idea what ur talking about.

        • That Guy

          wait, how is he describing it as an actual game? What makes u think that? also, cursing actually shows that u dont know what ur talking about, cuz u have to curse to make ur point. Next time, make a strong argument.

        • adam

          mate zombies are the best thats why people are addicted to it so thats why

        • treyarch1

          good luck in waiting for the next iw game cuz it gonna suck treyarch is gonna take over the cod series. iw fired their wo lead engineering producers in charge of cod which made modern warfare 2 decent not even a great game i got bored way to easily. waw wasnt that bad of a game the only reason people found it terrible was cuz of the repition of world war 2 but now theyre moving away from that and making a name for them selves and becomin the top cod producers which means waiting every other year for one which means excitement for cods again

        • Tre Cool

          cod sux waw sucked mw2 sucked black ops is gonna suck BUT the 17th cod game is gonna kick ASS

        • yourteamsucks

          The “obsession” is that it’s fun, and challenging. I guess what I find to be the most hilarious aspect of your entire argument, is the argument itself. If you don’t like it… don’t play it. As another poster already said… it’s a “sidegame”. Instead, most likely because you’re fail at zombies, you come to a thread where people are excited about a new “zombie mode” and bash it. Which is fine. I undertand there are a lot of ignorat douches on forums. So I have to ask myself? If you don’t like it, and it’s clear almost everyone else does, why comment? Did you expect everyone to be like “Oh yeah.. it does suck, thanks for telling us brah”

          I need to kill more freak-bags. Ooorah!

        • Connor

          some people aren't very smart, as you just made apparent

    • Zombie Vet

      You have no idea and have obviously have never given the game time

      • Connor

        ive spent more time playing nazi zombies than any other waved based mini game on any console

    • pib418

      fail fail fail. sp ops mode sucks! thats why no one ever wants to play it.

    • Yeah

      IW is gone rite now and spec ops sucks
      plus who doesn't want AK-47 a zombie

    • kongfugorilla

      there isnt a whole lot of GOOD FPS zombie games, sure there is left 4 dead 1 and 2 but they got boring really quickly. no other zombie game out right now compares to the challenge and fun of Nazi Zombies.

      DEAD ISLAND is going to be the best zombie game ever!!! if it comes out….


        Zombies is Fing amazing and if there is no zombies in black ops treyarch should sell their company or w/e it is. think about it zombies was what everyone like in WAW and IW tried to put their own thing in, it was decent i liked a couple of missions but man face it its nothing compared to zombies i like WAW alot more in almost every aspect from zombies to gun balance in multiplayer. Treyarch was not beaten by IW when it comes to WAW vs. MW2 it only sold so many copies because it was so hyped up. say i have a crappy arguement well its 4 in the morning so kiss my ass

        so i say ZOMBIES ALL THE WAY i will play it more than multiplayer guarenteed

      • Mike Dirnt

        i like nazi zombies but left 4 dead 1 and 2 can kick their ass

        I played nazi zombies for 3 hours straight one game and after i never played it again cus its soooooooo boring

    • #1_in_all_modes_WAW

      I think you are the minority. Everyone else is for zombies but you. Maybe it is because you aren't good at first person shooters and you die in the 2nd round every time you try to play Zombies. You are one of those gamers that camp it up and shoot only when someone walks by, so I guess Zombies wouldn't be for you. Hard to sit in the corner when the zombies know how to find you, huh?LOl get some skill.

    • BillieJoe Armstrong

      i agreed until u said special ops but i do want zombies but sometimes i just wanted to sell WaW cuz zombies gets boring after 1 game of it

    • you fail sir

      then why do you keep buying call of duty? it is nothing like a real war, so just stick with battlefield. I will not buy any more IW COD games, and treyarch is my last hope with Nazi Zombies… why? it is unique. it is a highly detailed first person zombie wave shooter with way more weapons than other zombie games, besides dead rising but that game is Japanese developed so and has no rag doll effects like euphoria/havoc

    • KW3913

      Spec Ops was a disappointment, and so is the game. IW did a shitty job making MW2 and we all know this. considering all the lawsuits over MW2, i dont think IW will be making games for a while. Black Ops will be better because treyarch learns from IW stupid mistakes, and treyarch actually FIXES their games when they have problems. So actually IW had it all wrong with every aspect of the game. Use your head next time and think before you decide to post something about MW2 saying they had it "right". Btw i laughed pretty hard when i read that at the end. haha

    • youSUCK!

      lol! lame, lame and very lame is how we all feel about your drama queen company infinity bored!!

    • quinton

      cuz all zombies games like left for dead suck compared 2 cods zombie variant

      • L4d2 junky

        Left for dead 2 is so much better than Nazi zombies but considering Nazi zombies is a side game it did a pretty damn good job.

    • Ok, I am going to try and be a bit more neutral (Although admittedly I am Giddy with anticipation over the possibility of zombies mode) I have found (by way of asking my friends and asking random people ETC.) that the main attraction to Zombies mode is the difficulty, and challenge, also it is unique in that, unlike L4D, it is a close quarters type survival mode, where-as other zombie games are more open and a sort of get from a-b. Also I myself have wondered WHY TA went with a zombie mode and have come to the conclusion that; It is merely a side mission meant to be entertaining and challenging, where-as IW's SPEC-ops is meant to further the story line and make you feel, well, like a SPEC-op yourself. Both mode, honestly are VERY repetitive, but both also have aspects of entertainment. It really depends on what your preferences are. If you prefer a mission based mode then SPEC-ops is your thing, however, if, like many(if not all) of the people here, you like a challenging survival experience, then there really isn't much of a match (that I have found) to Zombies mode. There is a game that comes close however, Transformers: War for Cybertron. Very similar.

    • tranquil37

      okay, iw sucks, you obviously dont know what your talking about. spec ops is nothing but story missions over again, as if the story was amazing, but it really sucked so why spend an extra 60$ on a separate zombie game when u can combine these 2.

    • CHRIS

      youdontjack MW2 was soo bad the multiplayer was completely broken that game is based so much around killstreaks and noobtubes and the zombies in world at war kills spec ops mode in MW2 that game mode was completely boring u cant even go online to find players to play with u got to invite ur friends only AWSOME JOB SHIT WARD to bad modernwarfare 3 is going to be terrible cuz 2 sucked BLACK OPS IS THE NEXT STEP IN THE CALL DUTY OF SERIES oh yea i played the beta in medal of honor LMAO that game sucks man BATTLEFIELD 3 IS ALL THAT IS WITH LESS GUNS!!!

    • MuffinMan71

      i know ppl are obsessed with it but thats cuz they made the zombie mode soooo fun and other games suck i have a ps3 so i cant play left 4 dead

    • Dempsy

      No !

      it’s Not The Same if Yhu Just Go And By A Game About Zombies !

      Thats Like Sayin Go Get L4D Instead COD ! Are Yhu Crazy ?

      And Zombies Is The Shit Hell Magget !

    • fuk off

      special ops was a fail, just saying

    • Krissy

      My Marine loves the Zombies… it gives it a different option when he gets pissed at how retarded the rules can be when fighting the 'war'.

    • HUNTER


  • Jamie

    We want definite information…………….Joking, Nice find Alan Ng!!!

    P.s Treyarch we NEED zombies!!!

  • Toast Mastuh

    Haha, just like the incident where that one music artist screwed up and leaked LBP2

  • jj123


  • j123

    yes zombies

    • detr

      when i first found out about this game i thought there should be a zombie mode but with aliens instead