Verizon iPhone 4 or Motorola Droid 2: What do you want more?

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2010

It is fair to say that Verizon Wireless is the most favorable network for consumers at the moment. With the Motorola Droid X soon to be released, followed by the Motorola Droid 2 handset, there is still the high possibility that the Apple iPhone 4 will land on Big Red before the end of the year.

Which handset do owners crave more though? The iPhone rumors on Verizon have been around for an eternity it seems now, with most consumers deciding that it is best to move on and give their attention to another handset.

It is no secret that Verizon’s collection of Droid handsets are their biggest attraction at the moment, with as many as 5 Droid-branded handsets on their books at the end of this summer. The latest one is the Droid 2, which is arguably the only handset which can prize consumers away from an iPhone release on Verizon.

The Droid X looks great we admit, but the Droid 2 is the true successor to the original Droid, plus it will also come packed with Android 2.2 Froyo out of the box, Flash 10.1, an 1Ghz processor and more goodies.

Then we all know about the iPhone 4 don’t we? I do not expect Apple to make too many changes to the device when it makes it’s inevitable appearance on Verizon. iOS4, Facetime and the Retina Display are enough to attract any consumer searching for a new handset.

Lets skip forward a few months and picture a scenario where Verizon owners are faced with the decision between an iPhone or the Motorola Droid 2. Which one do you think is better in your opinion? Give us your reasons below!

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  • Mr. X

    Why is every bashing on these company. true version has 4g speed but what else like at&t they offer internet, home phone, and cable its has more than one thing. Plus why would I care if my phone did had 4g for gps when I have a better and built in the car gps system.

  • Irene

    It all comes down to preferences, really. I've always lusted after an iPhone, but if it doesn't go to Verizon, I will get a Droid. Simple as that. Verizon has coverage in remote places where I need coverage when I travel, and AT&T doesn't. Period. I moved to AT&T from Verizon before the days of unlimited mobile-to-mobile, and I won't have any issues in moving back. Reception is everything to me and, sorry, AT&T just doesn't do it.

  • Hayley

    Just so you guys know, I just called Verizon and asked about the iphone, and they said they won't be getting it till 2012 because att renewed their contract with apple. 🙁

  • Pip

    it's a lot easier to implement new features when you have no concern or care about backward hardware compatibility since you get to control the updated hardware and software release simultaneously. I'm not bashing this, it's been a successful strategy, but so much of the consumer base does not realize this and end up spending tons of money in the long term – and the ones that do realize it just become the die-hard Apple fanboys you see lining up at the stores to be the "first" to get the latest and greatest. — such pawns.

    As for the others (I might argue, who know a few things and are more technically savy), will typically opt for an Android phone, with it's open platform being the ultimate playground and control – a "true creative" mind's choice, always.

    • Monty

      thanks for such an informed and intelligent responce …. based on what you shared I will be purchasing a driod, instead of an Iphone, which I only wanted to access some home I P cameras I had installed and the tech told me an Iphone would allow me to see them from anywhere (he owned an Iphone and showed me) but I like the way Driod is upgradeable with out buying another phone every 6 months THANKS PIP

    • john

      Thanks Man….Its nice to hear from someone else who is objective about the phones instead of all emotional when it comes to Iphone…….the truth is if the droid will have a 1ghz processor it would be the fastest phone out there,,,,,many netbooks do not even have 1 ghz processors…..a lot of peoples computers that comment on here do not have 1 ghz processors.

  • Pip

    How can you even compare? It's almost entirely based on personality, rather than technical features either phone may offer.

    Closed minded (though they'd not like to admit and told by TV ads they are open-minded creative types), brand image controlled and typically non-technical people will choose iPhone, since they could care less about open source, being able to upgrade your OS, expand memory, remove battery, etc.. and also don't mind lining up in another 6 months to get another "tweak" to the iphone released as a new phone. I'm sorry but the real highlight of the iPhone 4 is it's new OS, meanwhile android phone owners can upgrade their OS at whim without having to buy a new phone for each "feature" upgrade – or what Apple decides to turn on – let's not kid ourselves into thinking that Apple doesn't hold back features based on what market studies show they can implement to justify releasing a "new" phone. It's their core business philosophy…

  • Chris

    Iphone 4 to VERIZON please!! I have been waiting such a long time for this to happen. I am a very unsatisfied customer with AT&T. The only reason I even went to them was for the iphone and if Iphone 4 reaches the hands of Verizon, I will be one very happy customer. I am tired of waiting and waiting, and enough words, how about some action?

  • Colton

    The iPhone, by a long shot. Have you ever seen one in real life? Pictures have no hope of showing what an iPhone4 looks like in reality. I've literally seen people drool over it. It's crazy beautiful.

    • John

      not everyone judges books by the cover

    • trob

      R u kidding?! Iphone 4 doesn’t have expandable memory, can’t swap battery, & can’t even hold a call without a ‘bumper’ case!!! …honestly, I would choose the ORIGINAL droid with 2.2 over iphone 4 in a heart beat!

  • Gandhi

    Lol, Moto Droid 2 is beating the iphone by 10 votes DROID FTW!!!!!!!


  • Chenell

    moto droid 2!!!!!!

  • Angus

    Re iPhone coming to Verizon: I know a lot of tech blogs are reporting that the iPhone 4 will be coming to Verizon late this year or early 2011, but legally I don't see how that can be the case, since at&t and iPhone/Apple supposedly signed an exclusivity agreement that at&t will have exclusive rights to selling the iPhone, I don't remember if it was through or until 2012.

  • john

    Why does everyone like Verizon so much? They have the slowest data speeds out of anyone. Once they launch LTE-then we can start talking

    • john

      We like actually having service

      • Matt

        who's this nut, john? I'd like to see any numbers that back up your data speeds comment.

  • mark

    If you skip forward a few months, MotoDroid 2 won't be the Droid that everyone will be talking about. MotoDroid Pro with 2Ghz processor will be getting all the press.

    Besides, Froyo out of the box is not that big of a deal. Many Droid 1 owners are already running rooted Froyo ROMs.