US Independence Day 2010: Doodle for (4) Google

The Google for Doodle was once something that was thought up as a joke, but it did not take long for demand of these little drawings on the search engine homepage to catch on and it seems like every time there is an occasion there is a Google 4 Doodle to honor it, such as US Independence Day 2010.

Google has been creating new images every year to appear on their homepage in celebration of 4th of July and makes the page look a little more fun. We just hope that you like Google’s Doodle this year, we certainly do.

Believe it or not since Google founders Larry and Sergey started the Doodle in 1999, there has been over 700 – 300 of which have been on the U.S. homepage. Google has a team of designers creating these Doodles for them, but you can still submit yours off to

For more information visit doodle4google



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