Motorola Droid: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – New Release Date?

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2010

Another day, another Android 2.2 Froyo rumor to report. This one details a new release date for the highly anticipated update to Android 2.2 Froyo for Motorola Droid owners. If this date is true, Droid owners will be very happy indeed.

As reported from Phandroid, the new release date for the Froyo update is July 13th – which is a Tuesday. It is worth pointing out that the rumors have surfaced from Droid-Life, the same website responsible for first leaking details on the Motorola Droid X months before it’s official announcement by Motorola and Verizon.

As for the date, it means that the update could be less than two weeks away. However, these Android 2.2 update dates are becoming quite infamous for being incorrect, so our advice is to take it with a pinch of salt until we hear more details.

More details over at Phandroid, let us know your thoughts on the new date.

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  • eorourke

    Droid users who still haven't received the OTA update and can't wait any longer should manually download the update. Get complete instructions on how to manually download and install the update on the Droid here:

  • Frank

    August 13 and still no update for me….My friend has a droid and already got the update this sux cause I haven't got it!

  • VerznSUcks

    F*ck Verizon….Gives us the F*cking update bitchez! What's the hold up?

  • Mastur Cheef

    CAen I haz Android 2.2 pL0x??????

  • daniel

    Is there a web site to download the official 2.2 update? If so drop me a link coustom rom’s are liking pretty good right now, even saw one where you could use your wifi and use the USB tethering as well as use your phone for a wifi hot spot. I understand the official update wont have the tethering or hot spot ability!

  • blahblahblah

    Im so over verizon. I was told it was released on the 3rd….too bad its not on my phone. VZW said it wasnt released when i called. The store and another call said otherwise..UGHHHH

  • Hamo Hapic

    Where is the goddamn 2.2 update halooooo verizonnnnnn LoL

  • diskman8004

    It's August 3rd and still no 2.2 update from MOTO/VZW. The week, month, rest of the year is still open for the drop : (

  • >.<

    i have no clue wtf going but versoin and cricket and sprint seem to be playing a big game i give up wait for the droid in us lol i want and got the new on in japan 😀

  • johnny

    Moto droid just got froyo. Ah wait jk.

  • Bunie

    Froyo still is not out. there must be a disturbance in the force.

  • ken

    Dude! Where is my froyo?

  • Corey

    Rooting phone is hard as crap how are us idiots supposed to figure That crap out

  • i'm still waiting on the update. I need a flash player for web browsing . the flash is to work with 2.2 ugh. i am so tired of waiting. I am guessing they will never come out with the update. they want you to spend money and buy a new cell phone.

  • Soo apparently this update is out but I still don't have it on my droid. Does anyone know why? Is something wrong with my phone?

  • here ya go

    there is a 2.2 froyo i am running on my moto droid been running for about 1 1/2 weeks now with no problems for those of you not good with computers go to this is one of many videos on how to get 2.2 on your phone.. NOTE: your must ROOT your phone witch allows you to switch your ROM'S ROMS= 2.2 froyo will have to do some additional research on this to know more on what your doing before attempting but when all sead and done i finished my phone in about 20 min

  • ööö

    verizon will never tell you what they are or are not going to do about updates. So just go root your phone and put what ever you want on it.

  • ööö

    verizon will never tell you what they are or are not going to do about updates. So just go root your phone and put what ever you want on it.

    Root Rules. It's my phone and I'll do what I want.

    End of story .

    • diskman8004

      But it's VZW's network. You may root and they may plop some extra $$ on your bill. I would be cautious.

  • annoid

    Darn you Steve Jobs! You where write, but I still hate you and my Motorola Droid LOL. This is why I don’t like corporations because they do all this talk and put out all these crappy products out with one or two slightly better feature with each new device and bounce us between two companies to get us to run around like Doctor Suess’s Sneaches till our money is all gone or this crap goes out of style like Pet Rocks and Furbies.

  • John

    I wish someone would hack whoever sends the update out and send it out. I mean really is it that hard for them to send the update out. They have to the test group and Nexus one so hit the next button. It must work…. They just love pissing with people and pissing them off apparently.

  • JWO

    I’m getting sick of it. Froyo is the only reason I got the Droid, what a huge disappointment. I’m thinking a phone should be just a phone for now and maybe they will have something worth while next year instead of this silly toy OS gimic.

  • disappointed

    I grow tired of people starting dumb fake rumors to get us all excited just to make us more mad when it doesn’t happen. I’m done listening to these people that THINK (or like to pretend) they have some ‘in’ just to try and look cool with their made up stories…

  • con

    them nexus guys…thinkin their better then us droid users

  • bry

    Don't wate make your way over to droidlife and get your froyo bbv0.4 IT IS SWEET!!!!!

  • Natec36

    Lets hope this update comes soon, I’ve been hearing about it for the past 2 months. Oh and hey inFamous (awesome game!) dont blame Verizon for not getting it yet. Google has to release the Droid update to them before they can send it to us. If I had a guess Goole is waiting on all their Nexus 1 phones to get the update before any other phones get it seeing as though the Nexus is their “flagship” phone. Just a thought though… I want Froyo just as much as anyone else!

  • CYPjus4mee

    2day is the 16th of July……Y are they playing, give US our update and lets be done with it, wtfMan?!?

  • todam

    I thought it was being released today

  • Crowman

    You all are surely the biggest bunch of whiners I have ever seen. There were no promises made by either Verizon or Motorola about when the release would made. Perhaps you should learn a little patience. Becoming hyper about this issue will not make it happen any sooner.

  • bob

    Too verizon and motorola. You bunch of liers, rip offs cheats. Where the hell is the update that you promise everyone then lie about it???? We work hard to pay high prices on this crap. You people remind me of the crooks in the white house. All you want is money and don’t deliver any promises. The damn thing works now send It to us all.

    • idiot dectector

      Bob – shutup. Nobody promised you anything.

  • DroidGeek

    It’s now July 15th, anyone have any reliable news. Too many rumors out here to really know what to believe anymore. Help!

  • josh

    hey ummm i was wondering will i get the update sent to my phone when it comes out but i am not with verizon my phone isnt activated i wanted to wait for the update to come out then flash my droid to cricket

  • nate

    I am a whining phone user and can't live without Droid 2.2. What will I ever do win myself. I can't even make a phone call anymore because I have been waiting forever since I heard about July 13.

  • GFW

    i really was hoping to get 2.2 yesterday or today even….leaked version is sounding more and more appetizing…

  • the inFamous

    Its the 14th and still no update!!!! Screw verizon!!!

  • daveA718

    Some Verizon dude told me it would b out between now n beginning August. He told me he’d give me an exact date when he finds out.

    I need it badly because my earpiece doesn’t work due to a software problem in 2.1??

  • alex

    This sucks Tuesday came and past and still no android 2.2 update

  • Jean

    Did anybody get it???
    Please help…
    Moto: Droid

  • timm79

    Yep it is the 13th and no update

  • DeanO

    I think it might be a couple weeks cuz a friend has the nexus one and didn't get the update until last week

  • Jim

    Hoping to see "update available ", but no dice. Waiting for the next rumor.

  • Its finially the 13th!!! Will it be out today? Lol prob not but here’s to hoping.

  • HwaA18

    Today is July 13th and I didn't get it! Help me!

  • AdamZ

    Sounds about right… the release version of Froyo was leaked already. FRF84B.