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2010 Tour de France App: Route and Live Streaming

The 2010 Tour de France started today and there will be those of you who will want to know all about the action as it happens. There are a number of ways where you can keep up-to-date but the best way has to be the Official Versus Tour de France LIVE app for the iPhone – offering route and live streaming.

The app allows you to watch the race live as it happens – and the best thing is it contains no commercials. You can also keep track of events thanks to real time GPS tracking, so you will know where every rider is on the current course. The app will also offer update alerts every minute.

There are a number of key features that makes this app worth its $14.99 price, such as: LIVE streaming video which can be viewed either on 3G or wireless, replay of every stage finish, photos of each stage, maps, Twitter updates and so much more.

As the 2010 Tour de France is now underway, you will be able to take advantage of all the features in this app – just imagine how crisp they will look on the new iPhone 4. For more details visit iTunes


  • Lil Bike

    It is terrible. It keeps crashing and much of it does not work as it should. I'd like to get a refund!

  • Frank Skinner

    Worth the money? Really? Super slow updates, aggregated twitter feed that doesn't allow you to open links, "live" video with no commentary that you have to wait until the next day for – can't help feeling I'd be better off watching the news and buying a paper! At least they've had the decency to change the "Live Video" button on the splash screen to "Live Updates"


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