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Verizon iPhone: Release Date Update

We have some interesting news for those of you who have been keeping a close eye on developments for the still unannounced Verizon iPhone, as one source has claimed that Apple already has working CDMA models in circulation and are just waiting on Verizon for the green light.

As reported from BGR, the news has come from Jim Dalrymple at The Loop. He states that Apple are already in possession of CDMA iPhone models, and that they are just waiting to secure a deal with Verizon before production can begin.

That is obviously great news for those on Verizon still hoping for a release before the end of the year, although it is still uncertain how long it would take for a deal to be reached between the two companies.

What are your thoughts on these new developments?


  • GMRL

    Hey Verizon, either shit or get off the pot. How many times can Verizon dangle a carrot in front of us? Verizon needs this to happen because they are taking a beating not signing new customers.

  • Cell Mate

    The iPhone was originally designed for VZW!! It was turned down because it didn't work with V-Cast. The phone was designed for CDMA use. Get youe facts straight. Also, exclusivity ended in June 2010. The exclusivity rights were set for 5 years after the original agreement was set back in 2005, NOT from the original launch date. The iPhone will open up to all carriers in January.

  • alec

    Nope, nope, nope. I saw the source of the "Bloomberg" report. An investor being interviewed on Bloomberg made "speculation" that Verizon "should" have the iphone in "early 2011". Of course his comment was blown way out of proportion – nice, Bloomberg. Don't build false hope on some bogus source. The investor "forecaster" has NO AFFILIATION WITH APPLE. Bad rumors once again. However, I DO believe the one about AT&T's exclusive rights till 2012.

  • alec

    False rumors again. The rumor stems from a bogus interview on Bloomberg. It was pretty vague and just speculation. DON'T FALL FOR IT! In 2011 you'll be crying over false hopes again. AT&T HAS EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TILL 2012!!


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