Vapor4 Bumper Case for iPhone 4: Fix Problems

By Peter Chubb - Jul 2, 2010

Last week Apple told us that the reason why we have a reception issue with our iPhone 4 was because of the way that we hold it – we were then told to buy a Bumper to eliminate the problems that we have been experiencing.

The Bumper range undoes all the hard work of what designers have done, but not if you choose a Vapor4 case. Image of this can be seen on Gizmodo.

This will also solve a number of other problems, such as how easy this so-called tough glass can shatter. It is nice to have protection for the sides, but what about the back? That’s where the V4Carbon back plate comes in, the price is $80 $100 respectively.

These two products certainly offer protection and eliminate the signal issue, but it does seem a shame to hide the iPhone 4 away. This is the sexiest iPhone yet, and I want to show mine off.

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  • brian

    Do not buy vapor4 bumper! major reception blocker… Not only it affects cellular reception , it also block bluetooth signal as well. So, unless you want to kid someone and give him one of these case as a joke, don't buy it. I am really shocked how such product can be develped and sold. its like selling power cord with with rubber wrap…. shameful to the company.

  • KRR

    The Vapor4 is a crappy case. It KILLS the reception on your iPhone4. Even lining the case with tape didn't help. Took it down to one bar at all times. Don't BUY!!

  • Rich81420

    Lol. You get what you pay for. Lol 30$$ for rubber is much less of a deal than. 99$$ for hand machined aluminum and carbon fiber. You make your the choice on your own. But the value of hand made USA products usually pays for itself. I vote for the Vapor(4 value ) but I also have a apple bumper 🙁 30$$ is a ripp

  • Jun

    Yeah that vapor its so overpriced SHAME on you for capitalizing on consumer…

  • idipps

    that is a out of this world price for a case forget about it youll have a gang of them just sitting around collecting dust

  • idipps

    forget that high priced over rated phone case get a bumpper.