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Steve Jobs emails on iPhone 4 Problems: FAKE

We reported yesterday about the alleged emails taking place between an Apple fan and the company’s CEO Steve Job’s. It was mentioned that the exchanges may not be genuine, and now the emails have been proven to be fake.

Emma Woollacott from is reporting that public relations staff have spoken to journalists, and the much reported emails about the iPhone’s antenna problems are indeed not real. It was later reported that a man from Virginia had been trying to sell the emails to buyers. Apple has since strongly denied any such exchange taking place.

More customers have been getting personal contact from Steve Jobs recently regarding complaints and queries, but these have never been denied by Apple so they can now be taken as genuine. Some of the responses have included “Just avoid holding it in that way,” nothing that really stands out has been said.

Read the full article here.


  • Apple has put out and inferior product, end of story. It is one problem after another with this phone. The folks over at Motorola and Verizon must have big smiles on their faces with the pending launch of the Droid X.


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