Roger Ebert Apologizes After Video Games Opinion

For those who do not know, Roger Ebert is a movie critic who has received the biggest bashing of his life – all because of his opinion on video games. He said that all video games could never be seen as a form of art – Ebert said that he now apologizes for his judgment.

Kevin Parrish from Tom’s Guide explains that the movie critic gave his opinion – even though he had never played a video game before. It was for that statement that led to him receiving a backlashing from gamers – he has now learned like the rest of us that you never upset them

Although he apologized after saying that games could never be art he still maintains that fact – but said that he should have kept those thoughts to himself. He has however concluded that maybe one-day they could be classed as a form of art.

We do not understand where the guy is coming from; developers spend years working on a new game. There is often far more search that goes into a game than most movies. Lets hope that Roger Ebert does not make the same mistake again.



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