Roger Ebert Apologizes After Video Games Opinion

By Peter Chubb - Jul 2, 2010

For those who do not know, Roger Ebert is a movie critic who has received the biggest bashing of his life – all because of his opinion on video games. He said that all video games could never be seen as a form of art – Ebert said that he now apologizes for his judgment.

Kevin Parrish from Tom’s Guide explains that the movie critic gave his opinion – even though he had never played a video game before. It was for that statement that led to him receiving a backlashing from gamers – he has now learned like the rest of us that you never upset them

Although he apologized after saying that games could never be art he still maintains that fact – but said that he should have kept those thoughts to himself. He has however concluded that maybe one-day they could be classed as a form of art.

We do not understand where the guy is coming from; developers spend years working on a new game. There is often far more search that goes into a game than most movies. Lets hope that Roger Ebert does not make the same mistake again.

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  • Justin

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, even fat bastards.

  • Brett

    video games are just one reason the kids in this country are overweight and lazy. Parents need to take control and throw their kids outside for some damn sunshine,instead of letting them rot in front of the TV.

  • Jen

    Hello, video gamers, it's HIS OPINION. U r idiots 4 even agruing or bashing on him. He has more than a right 2 state his mind eventhoug he's never played. I love games & do think of them as art, but I can't argue with him, it's just useless. Every1 is entitled 2 their opinion, I'm just saying.

  • Judy

    Roger Ebert needs to retire, he is an ass.

  • tino

    Video games are not art but they are one of the many poisons that are killing our society. Along with entertainment television, pop music, fake tv, and Facebook!