Range Rover Evoque: Preview, Price and Photos

In the past Range Rover vehicles have always been huge boxes on wheels, the company has tried a few styling revisions – but the shape has basically remained the same. However, there is now a baby version coming called Evoque and looks every bit as nice as the LRX concept that we saw two-years ago.

Range Rover unveiled the new SUV yesterday, with Victoria Beckham on hand to give the preview some celebrity clout. We learned so much from the preview, such as its rumored price as well as 32 images, which you can see over at MSN Cars.

The Range Rover Evoque comes with a number of options, such as three and five-door – although the latter will come later. It is assumed that the starting price will be £30,000, but we will get conformation on this at a later date.

The new baby model is a welcome break from the gas guzzling models that are already on the market – this new model will emit just under 130g/km of CO2. This will be the first time that you would ever see a Range Rover achieve over 50mpg.

In the past Range Rover’s has been more of a man’s vehicle – with the help of Vogue at yesterdays launch that could be about to change. View the photos via the MSN link above and let us know what you think.



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