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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect: UK Release Date and Price

We have some good news for our readers in the UK, as one games retailer has slapped a release date, as well as price for Microsoft’s upcoming Kinect motion device for the Xbox 360 console.

As reported from VG247, states that Kinect will start shipping on November 19th – around two weeks after the U.S release. As for the price, the retailer has revealed that Kinect will cost £129.99, which follows recent confirmations of the $149.99 price point in the U.S.

The retailer also confirms that the package will come bundled with one free Kinect game, but they have not stated which title that will be yet.

What are your thoughts on the price? It does seem pretty expensive from my personal point of you. Can you justify paying 130 pounds for this?


  • karl dove

    $70.00 cent only

  • Legend ( Lee)

    Way too exspensive if it was with Guitar hero set and game then yh but £130 man we just came out of a credit crunch lol £90 yh i would probablhy

  • Kenrick hatton

    I think it’s quite reasonable when you look at a guitar hero set or dj hero game the controllers are on comparable with that genre of game and most games are around £40 new these days. So if it comes with a game the controller is about £90 that’s a 3d mapping, face and voice recontion all in a little bundle that has almost limitless potentle to bring games to more people and expand are lovely media to all ages LITERLLY

  • alex

    too expensive, i would wait however long it takes for the price to drop

  • JR

    Just wait until you see the AUD price.

    At a guess $149 USD * 1.187 (84c to the dollar) = $249… wait…

  • darren

    i say its two expencive hopefully i can jsut buy it from the us for 98 quid lol

  • Vik

    Its too expensive, even with a game thown in


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