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Goldra1n Jailbreak for iPhone iOS 4: Features

UPDATE: – While all jailbreaks are done at your own risk, you should also note that they are normally found for FREE on the web. We are also getting reports from our readers that are a scam, while we cannot confirm this, see below in the comments for more information or

The iPhone 4 and iOS 4 was released just over a week ago and developers have been hard at work trying to come up with a decent jailbreak. We can now tell you that Goldra1n is now available for you to use, but we have to wonder why anyone would do such a thing with their week-old smartphone?

GoldRa1n is not just for the current iPhone and its OS; this firmware can also be used on the 3G and 3GS along with iPhone OS 3.1.3. Once you have downloaded the software you will be able to jailbreak your iPhone much easier than you would imagine.

We do not like to go into too much detail about these jailbreaks, but we can tell you that once you paid the one-off fee, you will then receive lifetime updates for your iPhone.

Some of the features include: unlocking of any network, PUSH notifications, no need to sync to iTunes, and also safe and reliable – well that’s what Christina from Breaking Updates tells us.


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  1. this is fake a lie dont buy i spend my money on it and its trash they dont have the jailbreak for 4.0

  2. This is a scam the same shit and makers of clawpack it’s all a scam dev team offers these things for free and good luck getting your money back if u do believe these SCAMMMMMMMMMS

  3. SCAM !!!! be warbed this devloper also has 2 other scam sites, unlock iphone us, undo iphone. both take your money with no delivery..
    Shut this guy down report him to your local authority


  5. Have you actually CHECKED The program?

    If you’ve visted the site previously you can tell that they changed the name from CLAWPACK to goldra1n so they get more press & so they seem like they are more legit.

    Its a FAKE program… a repackaged REAL program

  6. Pay?
    For a jailbreak?
    Anyone that does so is getting ripped of by these scam artists.
    The only genuine jailbreaks out there are made by The iPhone Dev team (Redsn0w, Pwnage) Geohot (blackra1n) and @Comex (Spirit) and it’s all free!
    If these guys have a real jailbreak soultion, it’s ripping of the legit and free work of the 3 parties above.
    What they will do is take your money and promise you an “upcoming” jailbreak or unlock, which they’ll only release – if ever – when the real guys put something out.

  7. This is FAKE as far as the iPhone 4 jailbreak is concerned. They are waiting like the rest of us for someone to come out with it. Once it is out for free, they will send it to you. As far as everything else they have, it can ALL be found for FREE on the web. Just another site looking to fleece you out of your monry

  8. These things are all scams, the Author works for them and they just want to collect your money and sell you software that someone else developed for free.

  9. This is pretty sneaky. Trying to make it sound like they don't condone it's use to help validate it's authenticity.. when in fact the software is a sham. Quite clever.. however disgusting.

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