Demand for free movies online without downloading increases

By Peter Chubb - Jul 2, 2010

We reported yesterday that 9 pirate Internet movie websites were taken down for allowing users to download movies. We all know that this breaches copyright laws, but the strange thing is – demand for these free movies has now increased as a result of this latest move by U.S. authorities.

For years authorities and movie studios have been doing all they can to put an end to free movie downloading, and it finally looks as though they are making a difference. There are those out there that feel that they have a right to these movies – even though it is stealing.

Looking at some of the comments, we can see that people have a very strong opinion on this latest move. Some saying that as long as these download sites are up they will keep downloading free movies.

Another reader said that shutting down was pointless as there are still thousand of others on the Internet. We have to disagree with that one, by taking down this website it means that there is one less to deal with.

The thing that users hated the most about being closed down was how they will no longer be able to get TV shows that is not available to UK residents.

Do you have an opinion on this, we believe that these online movie sites are spoiling the movie industry – the sooner they are all gone the better.

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