Demand for free movies online without downloading increases

We reported yesterday that 9 pirate Internet movie websites were taken down for allowing users to download movies. We all know that this breaches copyright laws, but the strange thing is – demand for these free movies has now increased as a result of this latest move by U.S. authorities.

For years authorities and movie studios have been doing all they can to put an end to free movie downloading, and it finally looks as though they are making a difference. There are those out there that feel that they have a right to these movies – even though it is stealing.

Looking at some of the comments, we can see that people have a very strong opinion on this latest move. Some saying that as long as these download sites are up they will keep downloading free movies.

Another reader said that shutting down was pointless as there are still thousand of others on the Internet. We have to disagree with that one, by taking down this website it means that there is one less to deal with.

The thing that users hated the most about being closed down was how they will no longer be able to get TV shows that is not available to UK residents.

Do you have an opinion on this, we believe that these online movie sites are spoiling the movie industry – the sooner they are all gone the better.


  • billy

    people should not pirate movies of line that takes away from the theaters and other people that put time and effort in to the movie and that when u have to wait for the movie to come out that just makes u want to watch that even more and all that is is that people feel that just cause u can do something doesnt make it. when people feel that they can do that it also takes away from the money to make that next one and that no one likes

  • spoiling the movie industry? honestly? You're joking right. Because you would have to be joking. Ok when a movie comes out, let's say a movie you really really really wanna see. would you rather go to the theaters and watch it with surround sound and a huge screen or stare at your little monitor with your two little speakers and watch it. I don't know about you but to me I would rather watch a long awaited movie in theaters, where I get the full movie feeling. And also movie's are pieces of art, and art is meant to be shared, So what we should just start shutting down a bunch of sites and museums that have Van Gogh's painting because he's not making any money off of them, and yeah he's dead but it was his art. Hmm what about that. Art is meant to be shared not hoarded so that people can become ridiculously rich. It's art, it's a part of a our culture and a part of ourselves. In my personal opinion I'd rather make a movie and have millions and millions of people want that movie and get that move, I wouldn't care what method they used to view it so long as my art is out there in the world. Besides if the movie industry is so hurt by online sites, then how are they still making movies. I do beleive that opening week of a movie is meant to get as much money back as was put into the movie. Besides movie theaters are freaking crowded with all kinds of people making noise and ruining the movie for you.
    Once you put a piece of art into the world, it's no longer yours, it then belongs to everyone. If you don't want people to have it, don't make it

  • hopeandchange

    First of all I have stopped going to watch or buy movies because I am sick of having to hear about what what all the actors think about political stuff. If I want to hear about that stuff I will research it or catch a news program. I don't go to my dentist to get advice about my car problems so i say to holly wood in general is shut the fuck up and dance like the circus monkey you are your job is to entertain me not educate me. I also watch TV shows from other countries like TOP GEAR, Every thing is getting too expensive and the quality of movies are getting worse so you can bet your ass I will watch them on the net first before I go buy them. I will not pay for cable either. You have to buy two hundred channels of which I only watched four of them. If hulu or net flix offered half of what Ninja did I would gladly pay for them, but they don't seem to get what the public wants. Instead what they do is piracy, forcing us to get what they offer instead of offering what we want. They are slitting their own throats because we have found a way to get out from underneath their thumbs, so now their using the politicians that are in their pockets to raid sites like Ninja. But what do you expect from a politician from Illinois, AKA obama. So many other pressing concerns in these times but what are they cracking down on? People downloading videos.

  • fuk obama

    this shows how way off base this current administration is. they would rather shut down millions of users that pay money for internet use to make hollywood actors happy instead of realizing this is future and actors should be thrilled to be exposed to millions of people instead of millions of dollars.

  • guest 666

    The website watchmovies(dot)net appears to have changed to a phising site, lotta popups, no actual movies, claims you can watch movies that won't be out yet for years!

    Pity. I usually decided if a film was "theater worthy" by watching the crappy online version. If I hafta actually waste God's Precious Bandwidth ta download it, I sure won't be payin again to watch in the theater.

  • ninjadog

    Whatever else you want to say Ninjavideo did a better job of streaming content delivery than the networks. I work hard. I took my girlfriend to the movies yesterday. I had already seen a shoddy cam which made me want to see the movie in a theater. I have a collection of literally thousands of movies on DVD. I only watch TV online. I know a dozen other sites to watch tv on but none of them has the depth of content that Ninjavideo had. No doubt as the flower spreads seed Ninja VIdeo will be reincarnated.

  • Xenres

    Honestly, I hardly used NinjaVideo for movies. I have a huge blu ray/dvd collection in which every single disc is paid for, and I continue to go to the theater to see them on the big screen. When I have downloaded a film, it's usually been as a screening to see whether or not the film actually deserves my money. At ticket prices sometimes near $15-16, you can be damn sure that I'm being choosy when it comes to what I want to give my hard earned money to.

    However, cams and screeners more often than not look and sound like garbage, so why would I waste my time watching those? What NinjaVideo provided to me, as a user, was a way to catch a multitude of television programming as well as hard to find documentaries that I otherwise would never have been able to view (at least in the same streaming quality that NinjaVideo provided).

    If anyone thinks for a second that taking down those sites will make a dent in internet piracy, they're in for a rude awakening. I can, at will, go through my bookmarks list to find any number of warez and torrent sites and find whatever it is I am inclined to watch. And I'd venture to guess that if any of those went down as well, I'd be able to find even more. Does that mean that I will stop paying to watch movies, be it through my home entertainment center or at the cinema? Absolutely not. But people forget that those of us living outside of the United States don't have it as good as those that do. Programming can be very limited.

    So what has shutting down sites like NinjaVideo accomplished? Not a whole lot. As I said before, there are tons of other websites and resources at users' fingertips should they continue to "pirate" content. It will never be stopped, and anyone who deludes themselves into thinking that it's a "war" and that it can be won needs to take a step back and breathe in some reality. What should happen is that networks and studios need to embrace these new forms of media delivery, and offer the same quality media to users that NinjaVideo did. There are no regions on the internet. It is not and can never be owned by any one entity. Users, pirates, people: they're everywhere, and they won't be stopped from getting what they want, and how and when they want it. Studios want to stem their losses? Join us. Stop limiting what they offer and who they offer it to.

    I would gladly pay for a service like NinjaVideo provided, yet they never asked for a penny. They made no money of of what they made available. It was a community of sharing, and I'm looking forward to the day that it returns. Whether it's hand in hand with those who tried to snuff it out, leading the way in a new form of media, or out from the ashes, even stronger, will just have to wait to be seen.

  • Heidi

    Part 3
    I continue to buy DVDs as they come out for movies I've seen there as well for my own collection and for my family to see. I treat it as a prescreener, but BIG HOLLYWOOD still gets my money in the end. in one way or another.
    In closing I feel it is a big mistake to shut down popular websites, especially with such huge followers, because all you're going to do is get people so pissed off they're going to
    open 3 to that 1 or 4 or 5 ….It will never stop!!
    The End =o)

  • Heidi

    Part 2
    Not to mention I have watched movies on NV that I was unable to get to a theater for but I then recommend it to family and get tons of my friends to go see it in a theater. It's called promoting the movies. I used to be a successful local radio dj so I have plenty of friends and believe me, they trust my movie savvy.
    In fact in a stroke of irony I find it interesting that as a radio dj I was allowed to see the movies in theaters for free (while employed) and then talk about and promote them in the same manner it to friends and family, just a different avenue.
    I also liked one of the other writers comment about watching Avatar (or New Moon) on NV but still going to see it in theaters, I too went out to see Avatar in 3D ($11.50 just for ticket) which I would not have paid had I not seen how worth the film was on NV first

  • Heidi

    Part 1
    Wow …. my heart just sank into my stomach as I tried in vain to go to my favorite site, ninjavideo and instead caught the few words of this article and clicked to read the news. I feel like I have lost a friend.
    I am physically disabled so I do not get out very often. Also my medications cause me to be sleepy often and I LOVE TV and movies which I miss a lot. A friend of mine suggested NV about a year and a half ago and I was in love. The people who run that site CARE about their visitrors and making it a pleasant place to watch and being able get your shows with ease.
    I agree with the fact that US soldiers who now are cut off is a shame, because it was a soldier who told me about the site to begin with. He did 2 tours in Iraq, 1 in Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc. It was some piece of home they could enjoy. What are they fighting for if not our freedom (well and other but don;t get me started) and what do they have for creature comforts, very little!!! So just go ahead, take THIS AWAY TOO!!!!

  • Mark

    I must admitt i have watched a few movies on NV funny thing is if the movie was good i went out and bought the blueray coppy anyway… but probably wouldnt of done without a preview as the costs are so high…i wouldnt want to waste cash on a bad film

  • Dean

    If it wasn't for NinjaVideo I wouldn't have been able to catch up on shows like Heroes (or discovered canceled shows like Happy Town), since the US broadcasters refuse to allow streaming video outside of the US. As for movies…. well personally I found that after watching some of the cam quality (or russian sub-titled) releases they had, if the movie was good, I ended up buying the DVD when it came out anyways

  • Andy

    What works about this form of Piracy is I can see so many movies and TV shows at no cost to me. Now, if any other 'pirates' are like me, which I am betting they are, they wouldn't pay for 95% of what they watch online meaning that a lot of movies and television shows wouldn't be seen by thousands of people and might never be seen.

    There are tons of great movies and TV shows I haven't seen because I haven't had the opportunity to see them for free. What Hollywood doesn't understand is that by trying to end piracy, they aren't going to be receiving any more money than before. In fact, I think they will receive LESS money because they are losing viewers, which are powerful advertisers in themselves. Viewers that didn't pay, but viewers who tell other people "watch this show/movie!" who may actually pay.

    Half the shit Hollywood puts out there sucks anyways, they should pay ME for some of the shit I've sat through.

  • mulder

    i was a ninja watcher. in fact, ninjavider was the only thing my telly ever displayed. i just completely disagree on how normal tv is delivered to me! if i like a show, say lost, those tv people really think i build my live arround a show, being home every week the same time and dont care when i miss an episode? thats bullshit, i want to watch what and when i want, normal telly just sucks entirely for me. my tv stays black until i have to find a new way, and if that means going back to torrent!!! i'd even pay for illegal content than for some crap company which would charge me twice and has only half the shows to offer!! TV and cinema is dead, internet rules!

  • Ninjavideo#Fan

    Im So in with Danielle on this one.. i mean they are free tv-shows.. and im from germany.. how am i supposed to get them streamd here or anywhere.. i sometimes cant even watch some youtube vids cause of the region.. its really sad.. and i hope that the TV section will come up again!!!
    NINJAVIDEO!!..Rip?.. bhaha never!!

  • Jose

    Johnny Depp, 97 million dollars last year. Yes, online sites are really hurting them.

  • UKninjafan

    Ninjavideo was the best site for years. The quiality of streams, the absence of repeated ads every ten minutes, and the occassional gem of a documentary which i would never have noticed, have been food since i discovered it.

    A sad day for the internet.

    Respect and gratitude to Phara, Wadswerth, Cree8 and all at Ninja.

    RIP Nijnavideo

  • Danielle

    I personally love to support GOOD movies by watching them in theaters. Even though Ninja had good quality, nothing compares to the theater. However, I used Ninja primarily to catch up on TV-shows, which are free to watch and record on your DVR to begin with. How is that illegal? Is it so wrong for me to watch a FREE TV-show without the inundation of commercials that I receive from HULU,,, etc.?

    Taking down the TV show section was retarded. There were a lot of good shows (some unavailable for purchase or stream elsewhere). I hope that the invaluable data on those servers can be put somewhere else for others to enjoy and share. That's the point of media isn't it?

    • michelle

      i totally agree with you as i searched everywhere for the 80s childrens cartoons series (thundercats,heman etc etc..) for my kids and couldnt find them.i finally find NV (which are fab) which had them all!! you cant even buy most of them on dvd so whats the point of turning that section off too!!

  • Dave

    Food for thought, I wonder how many allied troops in Iraq and Afghanistan used these on line sites to kick back and relax on there own time?

    • Ninjajohn

      A lot I'm sure, actually.
      The military torrents terrabytes of movies and keeps them on a massive harddrive for the soldiers to download since they can't get the home shows while in Iraq etc.
      The movie industry tried to get them to stop, but the military basically said "Fuck you" and continued to do it. Good on them.
      Source: My friend in Iraq.

  • Cake

    For me it’s not some need to “screw the Man” or a lack of money, that makes me prefer to any paid service. It’s the ease and convenience. The minimal effort and excellent quality. If I could legally stream any tv show whenever I wanted for a reasonable subscription I would! But all the “legal” services are filled with hoops and obstacles, DRM and limitations that just make them unpleasant at best and useless more often than not.

    NinjaV, I’ll miss you.

  • jon

    All this action will do is create the demand for new sites that the US cant take down 🙂 It is impossible to stop the free flow of information on the internet, big brother will try and try and will always fail! Most of the movies I have downloaded, if they are anygood, I have gone to view them on the big screen -Avatar I have downloaded – I have also seen it 4 times in 3d.

    This balanced action may not be the norm, but what is obvious is that copyright law need to be sent back to the drawing board! 90% of what is produced theses days is total brain dead crap anyway! The US Gov kissing the ass of media moguls that pay there campaigns! Its a joke!

  • Jon

    All this action will do is create the demand for new sites that the US cant take down 🙂 It is impossible to stop the free flow of information on the internet, big brother will try and try and will always fail! Most of the movies I have downloaded, if they are anygood, I have gone to view them on the big screen -Avatar I have downloaded – I have also seen it 4 times in 3d.

    This balanced action may not be the norm, but what is obvious is that copyright law need to be sent back to the drawing board! 90% of what is produced theses days is total brain dead shit anyway! The US Gov is just sucking the cock of media moguls that pay there campaigns! Its a joke!

  • Anonymous

    Box-office records are broken every year, I don't think sites like this are doing much harm to the Movie Industry.

  • Sandra

    I want to cry. Ninja video had the best video quality. I watched my favorite tv shows ( I never watched movies on ninja) on the site and if I liked the show I would then watch new episodes on tv. I became a fan of many shows this way and I am sure I am not the only one.
    Its not like I can plop down in front of the tv and watch the exact episode I feel like whenever I want. And I am definitely not willing to pay over $20 for something I can get for free on other sites (just in bad quality).
    Shutting down ninja video is pointless there are so many other sites out there, but ninja was the best. Life sucks!


    I was ninjavideo user and to be honest I used it mostly to watch TV shows which were not available in the UK or were on a channels that that I did not have access to with my cable contract. Also I saw shows that I might have missed, or caught up on entire seasons of a show I missed first time round.

    I don't see any problem with watching/streaming/downloading shows once they have been aired – and the bonus of this is that the less well know shows get talked about, blogged about everywhere in the world not just in the country of release.
    If its positive talk this will have the effect of increasing the shows appeal and maybe getting a region to buy and air the show.

    I work in the film and TV industry and I think the industry is just getting greedy and enjoys to moan and blame the failure of bad movies and bad TV ratings on web users. Just like the music industry went on about album sale dips because of file sharing.
    Well they need to wake up and get with what's going on. The web is here to stay, files will always be copied just like people made tape copies back in the 80's. It will NOT kill the industry it will if anything make it harder for people to turn out crap and expect people to watch and listen to it.
    If a studio turns out a dud film people will review online and tell people it's rubbish. Why they expect people to go to the cinema and pay £10 to see a poorly produced and directed film is beyond me. In fact Ninjavideo quite often had DVD rips of the low end films and if I was the studio I would be glad of any exposure they got at all.

    AND PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS GO TO THE MOVIES , seeing a crap cam-copy of toy story is just for geeks who like to say they've seen it first, people will go and see a GOOD movie, its up to the studios to produce them.

    So is it right or wrong to stream other people content? well of course legally it's wrong, but what a dull world we would live in if programmes were made and only aired in chosen countries, let alone the fact that some boring TV commisioner is flown out by a channel to choose what content they think the nation wants to see on their screens, that's like sending out one person to order takeout for a whole city!!

    Sites like ninja gave people a choice of what they wanted to watch, where they wanted to watch and when they wanted to watch it.
    VOD site works to a degree but it still means if I want to watch Treme from HBO and I'm in the UK , no chance, will a UK broadcaster show it? maybe, but when, christmas?
    I want to watch it when it first airs or just after so ninja gave me that option. If HBO had international subscriptions and would stream it Ad free for a $1 an episode then I would have happy signed up.

    RIP Ninjavideo


      i cant beleive let me catch up on shows i had no time to watch …or just dont have the channels like national gerographics, etc…gr8t docus…gr8t quality movies….wtf….got caught up on other shows….i am truly dissapointed….the movie industry is very greedy….i loved niunja video…and watch- movies -links… dare they .!!!! i am very upset!!!! RIP NINJA….

    • Ghost_Rider_

      Very Good and valid points NijnjaRip.. Ill keep my eyes and ears open for anything for uk..

  • nothappy

    Aw no! Now I'll never be able to see shows that only air in the USA.

  • Scott

    The movies I can understand, the TV shows that can’t be seen in a different region I cannot. Afterall if the company doesn’t intend to Market a particular tv show in a certain region then there’s no harm in allowing a region to see it for free. It could even be a good thing to help gauge how popular a show would be in a particular region. But going back to the movie industry for a moment, each major studio needs to realise there is more to this downloading just because it’s avalible to a user. The cost of buying a movie in the UK is ridiculous, the other day I saw the Picard movie up retailing at £15.99 in a major uk supermarket. That to me is as criminal as stealing the film I mean that kind of money could feed a person for a good few days!!

  • StreamNow

    When will the TV / Movie Industry learn that this is how people want their product delivered? If they started streaming content half as well as these sites did, people would gladly pay a reasonable fee. Don't shed any tears for these idiots who can't tell which way the wind is blowing.

  • silvia

    Nope, what is ruining the movie industry are the inflated salaries für overrated actors and studio execs combined with hollywoods disregard for talented writers.


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