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Declaration of Independence iPhone App: Fourth of July

Sunday is Fourth of July and is a day when many children will be learning all about the Declaration of Independence. For all you patriot American’s out there, you never need be without your very own copy thanks to this iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app.

This is the ultimate companion and comes with a host of features, such as the full Declaration of Independence text, historical notes, images of the original document and bios of Signers. This has to be the one app that all American’s should have on their portable Apple device.

The best thing about this app is it’s free, so you should head over to iTunes now and be ready for the 4th of July celebrations. This application has certainly been going down well with iTunes users, with some saying that Clint Bagwell deserves praise for offering such a great app for free.

However, the app is not without its problems, which you can find out more about on iTunes



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