Car for Blind Drivers: Non Visual Interfaces

Could you imagine what it must be like not take everyday things for granted if you were blind – such as driving a car? However, this could become a possibility as early as next year if the National Federation of the Blind and Virginia Tech. has anything to do with things.

They have been working hard on a system called non visual interfaces, it works by guiding blind drivers through traffic using technology to transmit information about surrounding vehicles and other objects in the road that is close to the cars proximity.

According to an article in the Telegraph, Advocates for the blind said that although this is a breakthrough for blind people, it would take traditional drivers some time to get used to the idea of having blind drivers on the road. There is also the fear if that technology were to fail while they were driving.

This could cause a safety risk and one would presume that their insurance premium would be very high. To learn more about how this system will work visit the Telegraph via the link above.



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