Bed Bug Hollister Infestation: Ignored Problem

Hollister in Soho is famed for how clean the store is to show of their range of exciting clothing – so the news of a Bed Bug infestation is not going down well with shoppers or workers. The store had to close yesterday so that these bedbugs could be eradicated – the funny thing is, Hollister supposedly knew about the problem three weeks ago and ignored it.

According to an article on Gothamist, one worker said that she found a bedbug and a shell on her clothes. If this is true then you will be scratching just thinking about it. Last Tuesday a Hollister employee found that she had been bitten, and when she borrowed an item of clothing from the store she found an exoskeleton on there – how big are these things, usually you cannot see them.

It was also reported that employees were still forced to work, even though there could be a bedbug infestation. A number of employees were covered in bites, but it is assumed that Hollister was more worried about losing money than the wellbeing of its staff that’s according to the NYMag article.

It is uncertain how many customers and employees came into contact with these bugs, but waiting so long could have made the problem much worse. The bed bug infestation could even affect other stores, we will have to wait and see what Hollister announces – if they do.


  • New Yorker

    New York isn't "in for a nasty suprise infestation." We already have something of an epidemic here with bedbugs, and this is only a sign that it's still a growing problem. Everyone I know has several stories about friends or co-workers who got bedbugs, and when summer rolls around, and mosquitos are at their height here in NYC, people are wandering around in a panic asking their frriends if their bites resemble bed bug bites. Avoid hollister all you want, but I can guarantee you, there are thousands of other places you could pick these critters up here. It's kind of terrifying.

  • jzzlkkr

    There is going to be a s***storm of bad PR for Hollister. My department deals with bedbugs every single day in the form of complaints from rental residents. These things are HARDY, and if they are coming out in the day to bite, they have a bigger problem than people think.

    By the time they come out to bite during the day, they are infested in the walls, have burrowed into wood (pic frames, tables, you name it…) and have traveled miles and miles with any one or dozens of customers that have come and gone.

    New York is in for a nasty surprise infestation.

    Can you imagine the impact on their retail? You can bet my kids won’t be shopping there for a long time so I don’t have to worry about them bringing these little creeps home!

  • harris

    Borrowed an item from the store?

    So they let employees "borrow" things from the store and take them home?!

    Here in the Midwest that would make them used.


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