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Apps for 4th of July 2010

With just two days to go until 4th of July 2010, we wonder how you will be celebrating the day? If you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, then there are a number of cool apps for you to play with on one of these Apple devices. A simple search on the iTunes App Store reveals 10 apps, ideal of celebrating Independence Day.

One app that caught our eye was US States Quizzle, which offers 150 questions on different States in the U.S. and more are on the way. What better way to polish up on your country before Sunday?

The next app that is worth the download is Photo Effects-Independence. This one cost just $1.99 and for that you get a huge range of features, and the best thing is it works with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

One of the most popular apps will be iFirework, and for just $0.99 you can see why. This app is fun yet simple, all you do is tap the screen and watch the fireworks – will look even better with the retina display on the new iPhone 4.

These are just three apps ideal if 4th of July, for more visit iTunes



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