Another Toyota Recall: Customer Feedback from Lexus

Following on from our article yesterday which informed you about Toyota’s new recall affecting Lexus and Crown models, we now have an official statement from Lexus for you to read.

As reported from the BBC, the recall is now affecting car owners around the world, and not just in the UK as stated in our related article. 270,000 models are affected by this recall, and specifically relates to various Lexus models as well as the Crown Sedan.

A spokesperson for Lexus had this to say on the latest recall: ”Lexus will do whatever it can to ensure that our customers’ inconvenience is minimised as much as possible, decide on the details of any action, and inform our customers promptly.”

Will this latest problem involving faulty engines prove to be as big as the accelerator pedal issue though? – Only time will tell. We’ll update you when we hear more from Toyota on this.

Do you own one of the affected models?



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