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Verizon iPhone: AT&T May Lose 1 Million Customers

As you may have read a few days ago, it seems as if the iPhone 4 could arrive on Verizon Wireless in 2011, AT&T’s iPhone 4 release has probably had a detrimental affect on Verizon’s shares, therefore a Verizon iPhone 4 release could have an equally bad affect on AT&T.

A recent article posted on BusinessWeek looks into how big this affect could be, their article suggests that AT&T could potentially lose 1 million customers if and when Verizon begin offering the iPhone 4.

Bloomberg suggest that there are a lot of iPhone owners out there who are unhappy with AT&T’s coverage, therefore it wouldn’t be surprising if customers ended their contracts early to switch to Verizon.

One expert by the name of John Hodulik suggests that Verizon could perhaps sell over 12 million iPhones in its first year, to do this they would almost certainly be drawing in customers from other rival carriers, especially AT&T.

This whole post really depends on whether Apple are developing a CDMA-based iPhone 4, if they really are AT&T really need to improve their U.S. coverage, as feedback we have received suggests that a high percentage of iPhone owners are less than happy.

Do you think a Verizon iPhone 4 would be much better than an AT&T iPhone 4?

Source: BusinessWeek


  • Kyle

    Where I live in arizona I get AT&T everywhere whether I'm in Phoenix, SD, LA or las Vegas. So I don't get why people complain. I do know if verizon gets iPhone their network will go down the drain because of the massive impact of data usage. Lol>they wouldn't be able to handle it just like how AT&T has had to.

  • guest2

    first off at&t service isn't the greatest i have alot of co workers that there iphones that have junk service they cant make calls or use data at work while i have full bars and 3g and as the data load no verizon could handle the load they have two frequencies as to which they broadcast from but personally there are alot of better phones than the iphone some people are just thinking there the greatest things still and there not there are phones like the moto droid x that are releasing for verizon thatis far greater. come on ppl iphone are the things in the past there old news move on to the new technology that is being thrown at you dont be so narrow minded

    • Sam

      yeah you can say that, but all them droid are copies of the real thing, which is the iPhone, and you know that =]

      good luck with Verizon handling all those iPhones, they consume WAY more data than you RIM phone

  • nick

    of course it would…I have abt a DOZEN friends who are DYING for a VERIZON Iphone…the best tech company (apple) joining forces with THE BEST network ? I could see a MASS EXUDUS for AT and T and I know most ALL my friends with Verizon would IMMEDIATELY buy the Iphone….forget these Droid phones…they are decent Iphone substitutes…but nothing beats the real thing in my opinion

  • JakeMiller

    I think that a iphon on verizons network would be a great thing for verizon and a huge loss to att. verizons 3g network may not be as fast as att but there isnt a really noticable difference (this coming from a current verizon user and an ex-att user), however, what the verizon lacks in speed, they make up for many times over in coverage. nearly every where i go around where i live i get 3g service with nearly full bars. the only reason i ever switched from att in the first place was simply because the service was absolutely dreadful. but if (and hopefully when) the iphone comes to verizon, i will be the first person to buy it, regardless of the price lol.

    • SAm

      good luck At&t 3G is at 5mbps and verizon is at like <1mbps

  • Guest

    IF Verizon got the iPhone and was loaded with data usage up like at&t, it too would suffer similar service problems in large metros.

    • SLM

      That is an accurate statement. However, competition might cause those suffering with AT&T today to see a more rapid change/improvement.

  • Ron

    Probably not. The reports of coverage problems may be outdated. I'm not an AT&T customer. I'm with Verizon, but the tech magazines do actual field tests of data download speeds, and AT&T has made huge strides in upgrading their network in the last year. These tests do not measure coverage in areas outside urban centers, but they show AT&T's 3G network to be clearly better than Verizon's, finally, in the vast majority of cities in the US.

    • SLM

      The huge strides AT&T has made have not improved service in either New York or the San Francisco Bay Area. Notice how the KEY MARKETS continue to be an issue.


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