Sony VAIO Laptop Recall: FAQ

By Jamie Pert - Jul 1, 2010

Yesterday we revealed Sony’s laptop recall, this recall is due to an overheating problem affecting their VPCF11 and VPCCW2 series of notebook PCs, which could potentially burn consumers.

Sony have now revealed more details regarding the recall, to make things clear they have put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs), which should clear up any confusion, to see all of the FAQs check out this link.

If you check out the above link you will see that there are a long list of affected models, Sony recommend downloading the firmware upodate as soon as possible (here), if you want any help you can call Sony technical support on (866) 496-7669 for assistance.

As you can see Sony’s recall doesn’t actually seem to be a recall after all, instead they are asking consumers to fix their problem, my biggest concern is that there are probably thousands of VAIO-owning consumers out there unaware of the problem, which means there could be thousands of injuries caused.

Do you think Sony should be doing more?

Source: Sony

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  • spike

    sony sucks

  • Jamie Cronemiller

    my is getting to hot as well and tonight it melted part of my screen i am going to call and complain and i think any one els having problems with there as well should also do the same maby if anof of us speak up about this they will do more to help fix it

  • Mhyra

    I noticed my new Sony Vaio Model no.PCG 7192L-the charger gets very,very hot.Is that part of the recall?Sony should e-amail or mail to their affected customer and explain in detail what the recall is,instead of leaving their customer up in the air.
    Is there any other Sony customer out there that has the same issue as mine?

  • Fermin Falcatan

    SONY maintains the list of all VAIO laptop owner's email and physical address thru Warranty Registration. How come this big prestigious company doesn't have the decency to send email notifications and/or regular mail to notify its customers/laptop owners of this recall or corrective firmware downloads? Now why would SONY leave it up to its customers to find out that their product is defective and needs corrective firmware downloads? Would they rather have the customer bring up a lawsuit about their defective product? Personally, I think this is what makes SONY stink, and CHEAP! — treating their patronizing customers without regards and haphazardly.

  • Ruth

    I’m having all kinds of trouble with my HP Compaq, so was just here to try to make recovery discs for my Vaio. NO idea they’d been recalled. Very unhappy with company for not notifying us.