PS3’s Playstation Plus: Will you buy?

Sony offered us two things a couple of days ago, PS3 firmware update 3.40 and PlayStation Plus. The latter was just one of the features in the latest update and is a premium service for PSN – much like Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service. We’re certain that gamers will think hard before parting with $50 for the annual subscription – with many wondering if it is worth the cost.

Yesterday we touched on the subject briefly as to the pros and cons of PlayStation Plus – with IGN sitting down and discussing its different uses. It seems with just one game download you have already justified almost half the payment.

Some users point out that you only have access to these free games all the time you subscribe, the moment you end that service you will lose access to these games. We cannot see an issue here – is this not the way that Netflix does it as well?

We also compared Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, we know that this got mixed reactions but for the most part Sony’s offering gives you so much more than Microsoft’s. Maybe you have something to add to that?

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