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Portal 2: New E3 Gameplay Footage Shows New Puzzles (Video)

Since Monday, Valve have been releasing a six-part video demo that comes from their E3 demonstration of Portal 2, showcasing all new puzzles, orbs, and the return of GLaDOS.

5 videos have been released thus far, starting with the E3 demo which introduces a new personality within the Portal world. He is a funny, cheeky, British orb that seems like he will play a big part in your quest to defeat GLaDOS once again.

The second and third parts were rolled out on Tuesday. “Excursion Funnel” and “Aerial Faith Plate” remind you of when you first experienced that feeling of “flinging” through a portal. Well, you get to experience that all over again.

Part four and five introduce new puzzles that are coming in Portal 2, in the shape of the “Thermal Discouragement Beam” and “Pneumatic Diversity Vents.” Yes, they are just exotically named vacuums and lasers, but still, I can see some of the puzzles being quite a challenge.

Check the videos out by clicking on their respective names, but we have embedded the first video from the 7-part series below.

I can’t wait for Portal 2, can you?

Source: Joystiq



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