Official NOAA Storm Tracker App: Would you use it?

The 2010 hurricane season is now upon us and is the time when those living in the affected areas will be keeping a close eye on when a storm will hit. This got us thinking, we did some research and it seems that a number of iPhone users have been waiting for an official NOAA weather app.

Doing a search on iTunes shows that there are apps available for tracking hurricanes, but these are not official from NOAA. Lets take Weather Alert USA, yes it alerts you on significant US weather events by tapping in to the NOAA alert network – although we are uncertain how often this is updated.

We also found another app that would get you by just until NOAA develops an official application for the App Store and makes it available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. That app is Hurricane Tracker, this is tracking Hurricane Alex as we speak, and the best part is its cost – just $0.99

Below you will see a poll, yes we know that iTunes has a number of apps to track hurricanes, but they all still tap into the NOAA tracking system, so why should we not have an official app?

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