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Motorola Droid X: Advert Pokes Fun At iPhone 4 Reception Problems

If you are an iPhone 4 user, i’m sure you have heard all the hullabaloo surrounding all the teething problems it is suffering. Most importantly the “death grip” issue which seems to have plagued and baffled a good percentage of iPhone 4 users. Then it was only a matter of time before competing companies took advantage of the situation.

Motorola have jumped right aboard the “Apple Arc” by posting a full page advert in the New York Times today, and even though the advert points out the device’s features, it also adds a little line that goes something like this…

“[The Motorola Droid X] comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls.”

Maybe it is not entirely professional to throw negative statements at the worlds leading smartphone, but to be fair, if you have a selling point, you might as well use it.

Nokia also took advantage of the situation in a less than obvious way though, by writing a blog to show you the many ways you can hold a Nokia device. It’s pretty childish, but hey, everyone is talking about it, so why shouldn’t they?

Did you see the advert in the paper today? What was your reaction? Check it out below if you missed it.

Source: IntoMobile


  • honkj

    ya, if the iPhone 4 actually did have a problem, turns out if you hold the Droid X exactly the same way, you get to watch your bars drop in a weak area, just like the iPhone 4… and the Droid 2? you don't even have to hold it to watch it's bars drop….

    well warranted? really? money talks, and watch what happens to Motorola's stock price…..

  • Colin

    Being that apple bases almost every single advertisement they put out on bashing their competition, I'd say that's well warranted


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